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  1. f13dfx

    Has anyone used an accessory mount for an action or 360° camera on the Mavic 3

    Hello All! Wanted to know if anyone has tried using a GoPro accessory mount (pic attached) to attach an action or 360° camera. I plan on doing a 3D video shoot using the GoPro Hero 3+ Dual 3D System which weighs in at 210.5 grams. The payload weight shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m wondering...
  2. gjmphoto

    How are you holding your phone and Wifi mounted Osmo?

    For those of you who are using the wifi module (and for me, I just about have to because my USB connection is completely unreliable (another thread) do you hold both your phone and your Osmo?
  3. Ace79

    Are the Mavic Pro (original) and Mavic 2 remotes the same dimensions?

    I got my Mavic 2 today but sadly my phone/tablet mount for the Mavic Air controller does not fit the Mavic 2 remote. Can anyone confirm if the Mavic 2 remote is the same size as the original Mavic Pro controller? I know I can get a mount that slips between the grips, but I'm looking for an...
  4. Rune-Norway

    CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness blocking signal

    Hi I use the CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness on my Inspire. I got the Polar Pro Crystalsky Remote Mount so the screen is above like on the Inspire radio. I have tested both with having the screen almost straight up and laying over the radio like on the photo (showing a smaller screen) On...
  5. Joymaker

    Big screen flying

    I recently borrowed a friend's iPad Air, so that I could have a "drone party" and show several friends at once the delights of flying my drone over my beautiful land. I REALLY LIKE having a screen that big. You can see so much beautiful detail! Including the twigs on bare trees, that you need to...
  6. Leo153

    DJI Crystal Sky Monitor Mount, Protecting the USB Connection

    I decided to use the DJI mount for my 5.5 Crystal Sky on my Mavic remote. I liked the mount by 3D Evolution but the DJI mount is less bulky and the connection much tighter and secure. I thought I wanted the monitor sitting above the remote, but I like below the monitor better, I find it easier...
  7. nisfrome

    Recommended phone mounts and cables?

    Having a difficult time finding a phone mount & cable for the Mavic Air controller that has good reviews on Amazon. Anyone using one with an iPhone X that they can recommend? Bonus if it can work with a phone in a case. Thanks
  8. D

    Second mountain bike between trees with drone and BIG desapointment with my mavic

    Hey guys! So, after the “success” of our first movie: we decided to do another one since we now have better editing skills :) Turns out that the camera on the Mavic pro started to give us big problems, specially with fog lens and jumping camera as you can see in our “new” movie that only got...
  9. V

    iPad Mount for Air Controller

    Can anyone recommend a good iPad mount for the new Mavic Air controller? The current Mavmount that fits the Pro and Spark controllers does not fit the Air controller because of the new joystick storage area. Looking to use an iPad Mini with it. I don’t like the idea of squeezing the iPad between...
  10. RickyMavic


    Hey guys! I mounted a 360fly camera on my mavic pro. The footage is very shaky, and I urgently need help/advice on how to make the footage smoother. If anyone wants to work on this together with me, I've already stared. Thanks, RickyMavic
  11. K

    New Epson Mount for all DJI controllers

    Just got notified by Epson that they launched a new BT-300 mount compatible with all DJI drones Moverio BT-300 Controller Mount - Epson I ordered one :) to replace my 3D printed version. UK price - GBP 21.99,- free shipping. So ? $29.99? (while i'm contemplating what to do about my BT-300...
  12. kenzenichi

    My Incredibly Easy and Free Way to Mount the 5.5 Crystalsky to the Mavic Pro Controller

    Given the expensive and / or elaborate solutions to mounting the 5.5 inch Crystalsky to the Mavic Pro controller, I'm a little surprised that no one has tried this: Simply removed the three screws from the bottom of each Mavic controller arm and slide the rubber feet out. The added width is...
  13. Adamcain112


    If you have the Mavmount for the ipad mini I found, if you mount the holder on the back instead of bottom. You can see the whole RC screen and buttons. You just have to look over slightly the other way it covers it totally.
  14. TreeburnerCT

    Stable 10" Tablet Mount

    I've been using the SKYREAT Upgraded Dji Mavic Pro Tablet Holder ( ) to hold my 10.1" Asus Zenpad on my Mavic controller, but the plastic ball joint...
  15. TopQuark

    My Mount Solution to the 5.5" CrystalSky

    Here's my solution to the 5.5" mount: Compact - Almost same L x W of CrystalSky Portable - It can stay attached to the CrystalSky Protection - Has an option for snap-on lid Retains the Mavic Pro controller handling Does not block the controller screen Easy to set up just like cell phones It is...
  16. ShawnIde

    Gear 360 2017 on the DJI Mavic Pro

    Hey guys! I mounted a Gear 360 on my Mavic. Check it out!
  17. B

    MavMount Review

    Hey folks- I had the awesome opportunity to try out some really neat toys at International Drone Day in Portland, Oregon as one of the organizers- I normally fly with my iphone with the Mavic but find it to be a pain in the rear to see things on the small screen. To give you background I...
  18. RainForDays

    Wall mounting the Mavic pro?

    Wondering if anyone has any methods of wall mounting the mavic pro for aesthetic reasons. I've seen people wall mount the phantom but not the mavic. Has anyone ever done this? Does anyone have any methods or mechanisms to make this possible? Thank you. :)
  19. K

    DIY mavmount

    Bill of materials: iPad mount with tripod socket, $14, Amazon Grifiti Nootle Universal Adjustable iPad and Tablet Tripod Mount: Computers & Accessories Ball head with 1/4" thread $5.50, Amazon MDW 2 Pcs Tripod Mini Ball Head for HTC VIVE Base Station,lighthouses,Camera...
  20. A

    Gimbal Hanging by a Thread (or rubber bands)

    All who already have used their Mavics... I finally got mine. Removed the Gimbal Clamp and started it up. The Gimbal mount hangs literally by threads or rubber bands. This is different from the Phantom and Inspire Series I both own. Is this normal? The gimbal literally wobbles around on...