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  1. Sir Maxwell Greene

    3 Grand Theft Drone! Bangkok Edition!

    Beautiful scenes from the brand new bridge on the Chao Phraya river, next to the Rama 9 bridge. RGB madness!
  2. Night Cala Millor

    Night Cala Millor

    A night photo of Cala Millor, Mallorca
  3. Night Cala Bona

    Night Cala Bona

    A late evening photo of Cala Bona, Mallorca
  4. D

    3 Night Mode Mav3, Using Double Spot Lights, 11oz total, Light Pole and Golf Driving Range filming. Postproduction zoom performed on golf ball close up.

    The initial filming of the driving range's light post was done in C flight mode to get a smooth flight circle around the light in the dark. Looks pretty cool. I could not use the Mavic 3's camera zoom in night mode when filming the golf balls, so I zoomed in post-production on the golf balls...
  5. J

    Air 2s Night shots of Columbus, OH

    Took my Air 2S out tonight for its maiden night flight (yes, I got a strobe (Vifly) to attach to it). I knew the gimbal worked great for video work, but I was very interested to see how stable the drone would stay when shooting longer exposure stills. Well, 1.6s at 400 feet with a 16.5mph wind...
  6. T

    authorization for night without position lights, but the area is lit

    Greetings, First time posting. I'm looking to apply for an authorization under 107 to record the local high school marching band's evening practices next Fall. The area is stadium lit, but the hours would technically be at night. Is anyone aware of such an authorization makeup?
  7. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 DJI Mavic 3 Low Light Test - Christmas edition!

    Thought I'd take advantage of the Christmas lights at home to shoot a low light test of the Mavic 3 last night. Don't worry, I didn't fly the drone for this one - instead I carried it around like a gimbal.
  8. Yaros

    Air 2 Cala Millor, Mallorca Night Shots (Long Exposure) - with Mavic Air 2

    Hey! I have been experimenting with long exposure and smart photo during the evening/night with my Mavic Air 2! If you could give me some feedback that would be awesome! Late Evening Shots (Cala Millor & Sa Coma)
  9. Yaros

    Weird behavior at night in one specific place (MA2). Can someone understand what's happening?

    Hey! I have been flying the Mavic Air 2 for 3 months, and it's great. My favorite takeoff place is the top floor of my apartment building, it's easy to go there, and I always have good signal with good range. But there is a strange occurrence that I noticed when flying at night or late evening...
  10. cgmaxed

    2 Pro High Altitude Night "Small Planet" Effect, Naples, FL. USA

  11. cgmaxed

    SPOT LIGHT Klarus G15 Attached to AIR2S. In Home Test Flight

    For those that are curious how to attach an EDC LED high Lumen (1500 constant lumen output in this case) flash/spot light to the Air 2S. First you'll need leg extenders. I bought foldable ones on Amazon. I attached the spot light to the side of the drone with 10lb rated industrial velcro as you...
  12. Bodkin's Best Photography

    Mini Mini 2 Nightscape

    A humble little town and my first night flight with the Mini 2.
  13. Korrd

    Air 2 Puerto Madero at Night | Buenos Aires

  14. Sebastian S

    Hamburg the Gate to the World | A7 III | Mavic Air 2 | Cinematic film

    Hello and greetings from the beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany. I'm new to the forum and have only been the proud owner of a quadrocopter (Mavic Air 2) for a few months. In the last few months I have used the time during the lockdown to film my hometown. My equipment: Mavic Air 2 and Sony...
  15. Timelapse Cracow

    Timelapse Cracow

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    Drone hyperlapse at night

    Hi, I just published another drone hyperlapse video. I took single RAW images with an interval of 2 sec. Then edited in Lightroom and LRtimelapse. Finally I used WarpStabilizer to get it smooth. I really love my Mavic 2 Pro...
  17. Night over Hong Kong Harbour

    Night over Hong Kong Harbour

    Aerial drone Shots across Hong Kong Harbour from Kowloon
  18. D

    Mavic Air - shooting video at night - best settings

    Hi there, I've googled a lot, and tried to find answers in existing threads, but no luck so far. I need to get the best night footage from my Mavic Air, I've tested several settings and assumed the following so far: - going above ISO 800 makes footage extremely grainy with some flickering...
  19. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Silver Lake Lighted Boat Parade

    This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the annual Silver Lake Lighted Boat Parade, both from the shore and from my drone. I unfortunately did not know the exact route the parade would take (it is very much a community event without a lot of easily available info available online), so I...
  20. pahas

    Flying over the Acropolis of Athens at night

    I made this video this summer. The plan was to fly just after the sunset but as i was preparing the flight, noticed other drones around the Acropolis so had to wait. When thay all cleared the area, it was too dark anyway, but i thought of giving it a try. The end result i think is quite nice...