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  1. Rockowe

    The Magic of Flying at Night - With the Awsome Zoom-

    There are few views as Magical as flying over a cityscape at Night- This one was Flying along a Ridge Line (Note how Lights Magically appear and Disappear- … Oh … and in the Panning? Blame Waypoints Mode (Litchi this time)- Always Jerky panning-... … But the Magic remains- Enjoy
  2. S


    Not sure if this has been covered, but I’ve taken a few night shots/long exposures before, and had no issues. Flying yesterday evening around 10pm, with all the sensors on, full GPS mode, there was minimal wind and I was only flying 30m up, but the M2P would NOT stay still. Even on a 4second...
  3. thomashall1993

    $8000 drone vs $1000 drone at night photography

    I frequently shoot pictures of our state capitol since I live in it and was making some new attempts at creating photos of it under the 336 rules, so that when I go to the trouble of following the SOPs for our Daylight Waiver, I would not be wasting anyone's time. Our Capitol is in Class D...
  4. Cookedinlh

    And . . it has a nite-light

  5. jens jensen

    Megacity Shenzhen

    Here are some impressions from my last trip to China, all pictures were taken with the Mavic Air and the OSMO Mobile 2.
  6. L

    Mavic Pro night footage still holds up well

    This is my first DJI drone and I just bought it from a friend. I would say the tiny image sensor holds up pretty well at night, exceeds my expectation! Go check it out :)
  7. RickyMavic


    Some of my first drone footage, from 8 months ago.
  8. RickyMavic

    Charlotte, NC with some Sick Sunset to Night transitions

    What do you guys think about some of these Charlotte Drone shots that I took 8 months ago? I just came across it and decided to make a video
  9. Giladwashere

    Help understanding my first crash (at night)

    Hello, I'm a novice pilot. Been enjoying my Mavic pro for about 3 months now without a problem (as well as this very useful forum). I have one reoccurring is that I would like to get help with: I live in a large apartment building, with an inner court yard. I'll describe it as I think it may...
  10. C

    The Best Drone Lights Ever???

    Are the STROBON Cree® Standalone Strobelight The Best You Can Buy For Your Drone?
  11. P

    Strobon Lights Mavic Pro (Dusk/Dark)

    My new Strobon Lights Mavic Pro (Dusk/Dark) what is your thinking on my setup.? Do you reckon any of them will cause any interruption in Satellites or GPS or even any of the workings of MP..Look forward to any advice. Cheers & thank you. PS: Unable to upload video clip currently, it's mp4 but...
  12. Adamcain112

    3rd flight

    I just can't find time to fly with work being so busy, I got home and decided to take the Mavic out for a couple minutes. Only being my 3rd time out I am starting to get more comfortable flying still a little nervous. I used 2 Strobe Cree lights on the front arms I am shocked it didn't mess up...
  13. W

    New York, I Love You

    Hey folks, new footage from my yt-channel Patrick Steinkuhl Enjoy and subscribe, if you like! Patrick
  14. Chrizk0

    Day and Night

    Day and Night (South FL)
  15. H

    Testing Settings for night shots

    After a few tutorials I found myself trying to get a nice night shot with my Mavic. Yesterday I was disappointed since my long exposure tests where horrible. It was a bit windy and I was about 2km away over the sea trying to get the beautiful full moon scenery. Long exposure shots require that...
  16. O

    Night flight test - ambient light and vps

    Couple of days ago I did a small test flying over an empty field during the night it was just after 10pm so not completely dark yet, I had my vps ON, landing was rather easy as usual, no surprise at this point but... 9min flight - no wind at all, perfect weather condition, no strong lights...
  17. Chrizk0

    RTH/Night Mavic Flying Issue

    I recently bought a mavic and it came out of box with vision system errors, that of wich I fixed with dji assistant. It now works solid well in the day time. At night when I fly I get GPS signal with more or less then 10 satellites so I take off set a RTH point fly up again to make sure it...
  18. W

    3 days Singapore

    Hello everyone. My Singapore trip is near end and i want to let you join some Mavic footage. Please comment or better, subscribe my YT-Channel! YT-Channel: Patrick Steinkuhl
  19. C

    Mavic Pro at dusk Boardwalk Timelapse

    Took video of my favorite ride in Santa Cruz, the FireBall. Filmed at 2.7K in tripod mode to get the timelapse effect: