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polar pro filters

  1. CanyonRunVideos

    2 Pro This is Saguaro Lake, Mesa, Arizona

    We took this video clip in 4K D-LOG using a PolarPro ND Filter then edited it with Premiere Pro CC. Let us know what you think. Click the red button and the video will start! Have a GREAT day, Thanks :cool:
  2. C

    Just ordered these...

    Now I just need a drone! MPP coming soon! Included in this set is both the Cinema Series Vivid Collection and Shutter Collection. The Vivid and Shutter Collections are part of PolarPro’s Cinema Series line. Featuring the highest-grade glass and coatings delivering perfect optics. The Cinema...
  3. Ziz ONE

    New to the hobby

    Hello. I had a bad habit of being eccentric. When my wife offered to buy me a DSLR camera, I opted for some Fujifilm 3D camera which has gone nowhere. Another time I purchased for her some unbeknownst new brand camera called “GoPro” and instead of getting one for myself I got some other mistake...
  4. FireRanger Tom

    Peaceful sunset over my hometown lake

    Hi all Enjoy this short clip of the sunset over the lake centred in my hometown, I thought the reflection on the water of the sky was really special to capture with the mavic pro :)
  5. B

    Polar Pro filters - LUTs

    I use Adobe Premiere to edit, and recently bought the Polar Pro Vivid collection of filters for my Mavic Pro. I shoot mostly in D-log, but I've noticed that my D-log-to-XXX LUTs don't work when I apply them to videos shot with the Polar Pro filters. The colors are totally blown out. Are...
  6. Seabas82


    here is some DJI Osmo Mobile + Mavic Pro Footage of Chicago on my latest trip. hope you enjoy!
  7. Seabas82

    Nicaragua --> No Drones Allowed!

    Here is some DJI Osmo Mobile + iPhone7 Footage of Nicaragua on my latest trip. Unfortunately Drones are not allowed in Nicaragua so i could not take my Mavic Pro. Hope you enjoy!
  8. I

    Polar Pro ND Filters - Porto Santo Island

    My first attempt at making video with my Mavic Pro. Shot this whilst on holiday in Porto Santo, Portugal last month. Used the fantastic Polar Pro ND32 filter for nearly all this footage Enjoy! Comments welcome
  9. brentmwarren

    Any way to tell if a ND filter was used?

    Hey guys, Just got my Mavic a month ago, new to photography, etc.... I miraculously took some great pictures/video footage of the sky just after sunset. I THINK I accidentally used an ND filter. Is there any way to figure out within the photo or video information if I used a filter or not...
  10. G

    Polar pro filters in the UK

    I'm in the UK and wanted some Polar Pro Cinema filters for my Mavic. Unfortunately the UK stores didn't seem to have any in stock so I ordered directly from Polar Pro in the USA. I got the ND 8,16 and 32 shutter collection filters and they cost $86.99 shipped, which was £69.69 at the time of the...
  11. Seabas82

    Mavic Pro Dusk and Night Shot of Skyline

    This was a Good Day with clear skies to take the Mavic for a flight to capture the Sunset over the Brickell skyline. Winds 5-10 knots, footage is a combination of manual flying with some pre planned waypoints using Lithchi App. I also used the Polar Pro Vivid series Filter ND4/PL to shoot at the...
  12. James Perkins

    Mavic lens case

    I didn't have space in my Mavic case for the Polar Pro filters case so I'm trying a contact lens case with a small piece of micro fiber to secure the two lenses not on the unit.
  13. Seabas82

    DJI Mavic Pro - Florida's Springs

    Traveling across Central Florida, came across some of its beautiful Fresh water Springs. Here are some shots that highlight the beauty of this natural Wonders. Shot with Polar Pro Cinema Series ND8/PL Filter. I have been using these filters very often on sunny days and they work great, they slow...
  14. D

    Polar ND filters vs Polar Cinema series ND

    Will the Cinima series cause issues with color grading because it makes the image more saturated? Or does that not make a difference in post production
  15. Seabas82

    Mavic Pro over Lake Tahoe's Dollar Point Beach

    Hello everyone, Here is a short edit of my recent trip to Lake Tahoe, weather conditions where not so great the first part of the week, but when it finally cleared I was able to take full advantage of it. Clear Skies, COLD 18 F, NE Winds 7 mph. Some general suggestions for those flying or...
  16. EyeInTheBlueSky

    Polar Pro Compass And Satelite Errors

    Hello all. I just installed the ND16/PL on my Mavic and Compass and satellite will not synch. Tried many times. Soon as I take off the filter it synchs up fine. Ideas? Thanks Tom.
  17. Kentster

    with Polar Pro Filters get "Aircraft motor overloaded, check whether gimbal clamp is removed"

    Just received my Polar Pro 3 pack filters, 8ND, 16ND and Polarizer. Put on 8 ND filter and fired up Mavic Pro which has been flying and videoing great up til now. Got error " Aircraft motor overloaded, check whether gimbal clamp is removed" Hmm. Powered down. took filter off. Powered up...