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  1. A

    3 Had the opportunity to fly down to Baja California to shoot a $26M Superyacht, mix of Mavic 3 & interior video

    We couldn't stop the boat because it's 156' long so I had to take off and land while it was running at speed 🥲 one of the craziest trips of my life. Just getting the call to film it was wild enough, but my flight was delayed and I was going to miss the deadline so I changed flights to San Diego...
  2. A

    Air 2 Back with another small powerboat video in front of Seattle

    This one has some special camera shots that I've become quite fond of. I want to make a short story one day with all of these boat shots
  3. D

    Seattle 70mm

    Really enjoying this lens. Especially at dawn/dusk. Also very good for making panos seattle
  4. A

    Air 2 52' fishing Motor Yacht from earlier this year

    The shots at ~13s & ~19s are my favorites from this one
  5. A

    Air 2 Another larger vessel, 90' Motor Yacht on Lake Washington

    This was actually all shot in the morning despite the sunset look. It was one of those days that was quiet, still, and orange all day. Only thing that was missing was the green flash from Pirates of the Caribbean. She felt like a gentleman's country club which I later heard was an intentional...
  6. A

    Air 2 A larger boat this time, 100' Motor Yacht by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

    This boat was in near perfect condition due to only having 1 owner who kept it in a boat house for 30 years. One of the more fun shoots I've been on in the last year. Enjoy!
  7. A

    Air 2 Another powerboat video, this time a 38' Trawler w/ night shots!

    This boat is the definition of PNW cruising. Small, compact, slow(er), but meant for rough chop & operation with only 1-2 people. This is one of our earlier videos and so the colors are a bit saturated/overexposed in areas (in my opinion) but that's how you learn! This one features more...
  8. A

    Air 2 Posting a much bigger boat this time, a 75' Motor Yacht

    The bigger boats are much less dynamic and can result in a less engaging video from time to time, when compared to the ~30' speed boats that can do donuts. Does anyone have any recommendations on how we can make things more active without adding tacky transistions/vfx?
  9. A

    3 Recently finished this 30' powerboat video w/ shot in front of Seattle's Ferris Wheel & Space Needle

    Some of my favorite drone shots I've taken this year and has some handheld work as well to show off the interior of the boat. Really fun to shoot! Hope you enjoy watching
  10. Jim D

    3 Seattle Over Lake Stevens

    I took my M3 above my house to capture the sunrise clouds. I didn't realize until editing on the computer that I also caught the morning sun on the distant skyscrapers of Seattle on the skyline center of Lake Stevens, Mt. Rainier on the left, Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound on R. Pano captured...
  11. D

    2 Pro Missing the Foggy Mornings in Seattle

    Its great that spring is here but I do miss the foggy sunrises we get in Seattle
  12. Twice_Knightly

    Traveling from Seattle to Australia Brisbane with Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey there, I'll be flying to Brisbane Australia in a few weeks and I plan to bring my Mavic 2 Pro and batts as a carry-on with my fly more bag. Not too worried about TSA giving any problems when boarding in Seattle just wondering what I should be aware of when arriving in Brisbane and going...
  13. Twice_Knightly

    New Mavic Pilot WA. Got a Mavic 2 pro and loving it.

    Had my Mavic 2 pro for about a week now and its great! My friend got a mavic pro platinum a few weeks ago which we thought was amazing so I thought i'd go for the 2 when I saw the release video. We love them, Gets us out of the house and on adventures outdoors. Just having a tough time finding...
  14. A Flying Potato

    Greetings from Seattle!

    Just got a new Mavic Pro on the Prime Day sale and stopping in to say hi and thank everyone for all the great information I have found here.
  15. A


  16. L

    The Spheres....

  17. rossmoney

    SUPER proud of this

    Seattle - Elliot Bay This is the final edit of a video I posted earlier asking about legality. Sorry for those of you who have already seen it! If you have ANY feedback/questions I'd love to hear it! I love being a part of this community. Happy flying! -Ross
  18. Peel

    Seattle Area Pilots

    I know that many of us are still waiting for the delivery of our Mavics (me included), but thought it would be good to find out who lives in or around Seattle, so that once we all get our equipment, it'd be easier to find others to get together with to fly. To begin, I'm Pete, live in Seattle...
  19. Peel

    Hello from Seattle

    Hello all. Pete here from Seattle. I'm new to drones, and am patiently(?) awaiting on the shipping of my Mavic Pro Fly More Combo. In the meantime, I purchased an inexpensive Syma X5SC from Amazon to practice manual flying. Weather's been crappy in Seattle this week, so have so far only...
  20. digitalartwerks

    Any Washington State Mavic Pro and Jeep Enthusiast?

    Hi from Issaquah Washington. Ordered a DJI Mavic Pro to replace my 3DR Solo. I love driving my Jeep to unique and scenic locations,to take drone footage. Let's Go!