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  1. T

    FOUND!!! Lost Spark over water, Find my drone says it landed on dry land.

    Original post here: It's been over a year since I found my Spark drone, but I felt I had to share this story with a happy ending. Better late than never! I was absolutely certain that my Dji...
  2. yacoob

    Considering a purchase, testing a Spark now. How much of a difference?

    Hello there, knowledgable people :) I've recently got an idea to try aerial photography. No previous drone experience whatsoever, so I've started with my research. DJI lineup looked solid enough, I've started looking closer. My current sweet spot between cost and features is Mavic Air 2. At the...
  3. K

    Fuerteventura - my last dji spark video

    Fuerteventura, name in English translates as "strong fortune" or "strong wind". I took my DJI Spark and spent on week there. The wind was really strong, but Spark did very good job, so that I ignored all its warnings. Finally it was gone and did not come back :-(
  4. PaulArcher

    Mavic Air 2 Full Table Spec Comparison vs Mavic MIni vs Mavic 2 vs Original Mavic Air!!

    Hello guys, I worked hard for 2 days to create a huge table comparison of the Mavic Air 2 vs the Mavic Mini vs the Mavic 2 and even more. There's a bunch of charts and graphs on the specific specs like battery life comparison, range in Europe and even more. Here it is: Mavic Air 2 vs Mavic...
  5. C

    help for someone who wants to buy a mavic mini

    I have a budget of $ 500, if I buy a mavic mini or dji spark both in fly more combo and both new, what is the difference between a model that came out two years ago and mavic mini? or what advice would you give me to decide for one or the other apart from those already on the dji page
  6. C

    Spark vs Mavic Pro vs Phantom 3P

    Hello all, I am trying to decide on my first drone, I will mainly like it to take good stills and decent video. I've decided I'll go used, so my budget is anywhere between $500-$700. Which drone, of the three listed above you believe will be better for a complete novice that has never flown a...
  7. tfrank48


    anyone get this ad on facebook? 80% OFF TODAY ——Best drone hmmm I’ll take 3
  8. P

    Flying in big cities (heliports galore)

    Hey all, Just got a spark yesterday and registered with the FAA. I'm in Philly and airmap shows I'm in the 5mi radius of an airport and 26 heliports. Calling all of them for a 15 minute flight is just not worth the hassle. B4UFLY also tells me I'm within a 5mi radius bit won't show me which...
  9. N

    Mavic Air vs Spark: GeoTag Data

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that the Air writes full geotags with decimal seconds in JPEG images? The Spark was a huge disappointment because the geotags that it writes are truncated which makes it almost useless for photogrammetry. (The Spark does not record decimal seconds in JPEG images.) From...
  10. reaverman

    New Mavic/Spark Pilot from Bracknell/Berkshire

    Checking in!
  11. M

    Do the Mavic Air propellers make you mad? Swap Tested

    I find the Mavic air props to be a nuisance. Every time you fold it up, they seem to be exactly in the way and getting bent. I found an interesting solution from it's little brother... We were at the MeetUp group (flying Drones for Fun) meet at Treasure Island last Saturday and I had some...
  12. M

    Mavic Air VS Spark CE mode (no FCC)

    i just made my own range test in CE area... check it out if interested!
  13. D

    GoPro Hero 6 vs Mavic Pro - Camera compare

    I have a problem with determining the image quality from both cameras. In my opinion, the picture is the same, which results from the size of the sensors and the use of 4K. The problem is that GoPro uses wide-screen mode and Mavic does not. GoPro pushes 4K at 160 degrees or uses digital zoom to...
  14. T

    Compact Charger

    Hello all, Newbie to the forum. I have both a Mavic and Spark, and noticed that the chargers are identical all the way to the plug (6-pin for spark vs 10-pin [I think] for the Mavic). Because of the different plugs, if I want to take both drones, I have to take both chargers. And while DJI has...
  15. U

    Are you thinking of buy a new drone?

    Hey Guys, I just want to know how many of us are thinking of getting another drone or buy the first one? I actually have a Phantom 4, but I'm thinking of buying a spark, what do you think. Is it worth it?
  16. S

    Seychelles 2017. Do you guys like it? Mavic, Spark, Gopro, 4K.

  17. D

    What is wrong with this image???

    sup guys, I’m new here. Just saw this one ebay... lol
  18. Vilco

    DJI GO 4 app: multiple quads on a single phone

    Hi In order to operate in urban areas and/or professionally I need a 300 grams quad, since here in Italy if your drone is over 300 grams you have to fork out 2 to 3 grands for certifications, medical examination and bureaucracy, while drones up to 300 grams just need 200 euros circa for...
  19. S

    OTG Cable Spark

    Hi guys, Looking for an USB-C (CS side) tot Micro USB (Spark side), length 15-20cm cable. Cant find anything... Was thinking to make a micro USB cable on the DJI mount. Does somebody knows where the OTG functionality is build in? I think in the big normal USB plug... So than a micro USB cable...