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  1. akdrone

    -27F Battery test

    We finally got a bit of a chill and it's -27F today so I thought I'd do a quick test. My Avata was the only drone with full batteries but you can generalize this a bit. I'll do a few more battery tests with the Mav 3 and Mini3 Pro at some point too. In any case.... I started out with 95% battery...
  2. D

    3 Mavic 3 Hovering at 40ft altitude recording passing cars in 120fps 4k slow motion mode

    Mavic 3 slow motion test. Cars passing by at 55mph or 88kph. Mavic 3 hovering 40ft altitude to the side of traffic. Recorded in slow motion mode at 120fps 4k.
  3. M

    Pass Trust question...

    Ok, so last year when I purchased my Mavic air 2 I understood that you had to register it with the FAA. No problem there, I did that, but I don't remember having to pass any kind of test if you were a recreational flyer and not doing it for business. Now I look at the website for FAA DroneZone...
  4. Netvise

    MAVIC 3 - ISO TEST 4K (Low Light) - Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 vs Inspire X5S

    Hi! Many people are interested in how the sensor works in Mavic 3. I compared Mavic 3 vs Mavic 2 vs Inspire 2 X5S I shot everything on video for you. Enjoy watching and subscribe (I'm preparing a flight time test).
  5. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 DJI Mavic 3 Super Zoom Camera Test Video

    I started shooting with the Mavic 3 this week, and so far I'm pretty impressed. The image quality from the super zoom camera isn't the best compared to the main M4/3 camera, but it's crazy to be able to capture photos and videos of such distant objects. These are very distant mountains in this...
  6. cgmaxed

    The Part 107 Exam isn't as hard as you may think. You need a 70% to Pass it.

    I took the FAAs part 107 sample exam yesterday. I never formally studied for it. I just picked up information as I needed as a Recreational Pilot over the last 2 years. Most information gathered was from Forums (like this one), the FAA guidelines themselves, Legal/law websites and Youtube...
  7. Hughes820

    10$ Mavic mini anti collision lights tested

    In case you own a mavic mini and haven’t noticed the lack of lights except for the flashing green One on the bottom in the back of drone. I wanted to fly in twilight and found it nearly impossible to navigate without lighting. All a sudden I got this idea while I was looking Online at the...
  8. 4

    In need of study material - Advanced Operations Flight Review!

    Hello everyone, I have an advanced flight review coming up in about 2 weeks. I would like to hear from people that have done the flight review and passed. Could anybody provide me with a solid document that describes most, if not all aspects of the flight review? I have the basic outline of...
  9. Baqca Sanke

    Mavic 2 Active Track Torture Test on my Ebike (Spoiler Alert: It's Amazing)

    Rode my ebike for the first time in a year since my accident. Went out to a local park that wasn't closed and really gave the Mavic 2 active track a run for its money! Despite what some of my editing looks like it only ever lost track of me ONE time :cool:
  10. R

    First drone. First flight. First footage...

    First flight of my Mavic Mini CE over Milton Keynes in Bucks, England. The Peace Pagoda is located at Willen Lake and was the first in the UK. Overall I am pleased with the results though I am disappointed with the Drones range. Anyone have a Mavic Pro in the UK or the Platinum or 2 Pro and...
  11. Amarand

    Hobbyist versus Part 107

    Hey all, I'm currently a hobbyist flier with a single (Mavic Air) SUAV. I'm actually fairly good at passing certification exams, when there's a decent test-prep, to help me learn the material that's on the exam. So three questions: 1) As a hobbyist who likes the idea of using LAANC, but of...
  12. UnlimiteDrone

    First ever Drone Personality Test - What DJI Drone Are You?

    Ever wondered what drone fits to your personality? Try this really fun test to see which DJI drone suits your personality best. Share your result as reply. Maybe it will even help you decide which one to get. Click here to take the test: Quiz - What DJI Drone Are You?
  13. L

    Retest if you fail Part 107

    I’m not planning on failing the test, but if I do, is there a limit on the number of times that you can retest? Larry
  14. DanBallardphoto

    Mavic 2 Pro IQ for Landscape Photography vs Phantom 4P, inspire 2 X7

    Hey all, I couldn't find anyone comparing the IQ of the Mavic 2 Pro to the Phantom 4 Pro for still photography (I'm a pro landscape photographer so not to concerned about video) so I decided to do some simple real world testing. Crazy surprised but the P4P is quite a bit better when you push the...
  15. S

    Mavic 2 Pro - Active Track Has Come A Long Way!!!

    So I received my MP2 late yesterday. Given the time of day the first thing I did was try out low light. Impressive. First thing I did this morning was test out Active Track 2.0. Although far from perfect, I was very excited by the results as my MA failed greatly in this regard. The M2P...
  16. RobH2

    Camera Test: Mavic Platinum VS Inspire2 X4S

    I tested my two drone cameras today. I wanted to compare my Inspire2 X4S and my Mavic Platinum. My backyard is a great subject because there are a lot of textures in close proximity, grass, wood grain, leaves, brick and then I added the printed page test target that had about 5 sizes of text...
  17. B

    Difficulty of Part 107 exam

    Hello fellow Mavic Pilots, I am taking the Part 107 exam (US) on May 19th. I have been reading through the material nightly and plan to take some of the practice tests, use notecards for practicing scenarios. I understand that there are some for-pay courses you can take, but I am a little...
  18. I

    Tested Skyreat ND Filters & what PL Filters do.

    Tested out the Skyreat ND filters for DJI Mavic AIR.. also good if you wondered what PL filters do.
  19. Meelius

    107 in Malaysia or Singapore

    Does anyone have any recommendations for centres for doing the 107 course in either Malaysia or Singapore. Thanks M
  20. G

    Mavic Air 120fps footage test