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DJI refuse to honor their warranty on Mavic 2 Zoom less than a month old.


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Jul 22, 2018
Well guys don't know what to do here anymore, I had problems with my Mavic Zoom about 17 days after I got it. APAS and Active track don't work correctly. I called in got a case number and UPS label sent it in, After 4 days they email me saying they needed my flight log, I told them that I was told by a DJI tech support to reload DJIGO4 apps and refresh the firmware with DJI ASSIST 2. We'll that was a mistake. now their telling me they're going to charge me $280 because I'm missing flight log and they can't check it. and also stated that the drone was damage. I got so piss, I talked to 3 or 4 people there including a supervisor with no results. I just told them to send it back to me no repair. I think I'm going to set it on fire when I get it back, that's how ****** off I am. My case number is CAS-2286078-R8S9Y6 incase anyone curious
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Keep arguing. Call back. If you can get a third party to do it preferably a woman. Don't take no for an answer or meet them half way n pay140.
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He should not have to use Refresh, so that's kind of pointless. Have you tried posting on the DJI forum? They're usually helpful.
If not, I'd just return the thing for another one.
Not sure if B&H in New Jersey will take it back, it's got DJI's fingerprint all over it, Dealing with DJI is a joke, they are horrible.
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DJI must found out I was piss or something when I try to register with DJI forum, Received an email to activate but once i click on it it says You're not authorize to post..LOL
Black Eye for DJI . I was just reading other posts about MP2 just falling out of the sky and yours the thing quit doing what is was advertised too do.
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Flight logs are in the aircraft itself. Assuming what they are looking for hasn't cycled out, they should be able to retrieve it.
Also if you've been uploading your flight record from the app, they can get limited info from there.
DJI told me that my gimble was scratch/probably from putting the gimble protector on, and the landing arm was a little tilt due to it running into a branch using active track, ( the feature did not work as it suppose to). And these are not the problem I sent it in for.
I sent it in because APAS and active track not work correctly, I have to calibrate compass every time before flight, and my remote controller receptions is poor even though my drone is 2 ft away.
Gimbal scratch certainly is irrelevant but it looks like they are using it as evidence of crash.
APAS and collision avoidance during active track isn't a guarantee. I'm not saying there isn't a defect, just pointing out the direct they are going.
On the other hand, they're saying collision avoidance failed due to previous damage where your claim is that the damage occurred because the Mavic failed to avoid reasonable obstructions. Minimal damage shouldn't prevent APAS from working. They could do full calibration and test APAS. If it fails, it is defective.
Although firmware refresh and factory calibration may just fix the problem.

What was the $280 for?
$280 was for a Gimble and 1 landing arm. and I know that's not the cause of my problems. I refresh the firmware 2 times before i sent it in, 100% positive something internal is wrong.
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The majority of the cost seems to be the gimbal. If it is only scratched (cosmetic damage) then they should forgo that.

I'm being hypothetical.
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I feel like we're missing part of the story. Did the drone actually crash? As in there is damage? Or are you saying there isn't any damage, you just want them to reprogram your drone and send it back? I'm sure they would reflash your firmware for at no charge.

Did you actually pilot your drone into something expecting APAS to stop you or go around the obstacle? I'm honestly just curious. You're also saying that you erased your flight logs? Man that's a tough cookie there. Good luck!
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It sounds like you crashed using Active Track/APAS. That obviously won't be covered under warranty. These things are "nice to have" but obviously not to be relied on, they depend on technology that is "best effort".
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