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Drone hyperlapse at night

Brave and beautiful!
I have only ever seen views like that when in a plane flying into Adelaide over the suburbs and close to the CBD but no where near as striking as that.
Thanks mate for daring and sharing....and stay safe from Down Under.
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Dear Sleepless:

That was one of the most fantastic videos I have seen in a long, long while!!! Extremely well done! I have a few questions. did you have Line of Vision through the clouds? How did you find your drone through the clouds? I would be worried sick about losing my drone in the dark like this. I am well familiar with timelapse, hyperlapse, Lightroom, and LRTimelapse, Warp Stabilization, etc. which I have been using regularly for 5 years. I could do the technical software processing but I don't think I could ever fly like this! Did you take off in the dark or just after the sun had set? How much ambient light did you have to allow the drone? So many questions! I wish I could watch you do one of these.


Thank you very much. Yes I had line of vision as I started on the mountain next to the city. I was always above the clouds too. I wouldn't fly into the clouds, probably the lens would get wet too. The Mavic 2 Pro has lights with different colors so you know which is front and back. And you can see it far better at night with the lights than on daytime. And it has a strong light for start and landing which turns on and off automatic. So you can really start in the dark well.
Beautiful video and masterfully edited.
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