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Last Week's Most Popular Topics (June 16, 2018)


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Oct 12, 2016
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Here's a list of last week's most popular Mavic Pilots topics:

General Discussions
Got yelled at and threatened today
posted by @blurred55

Firmware & Software Discussion
dji GO 4 v.4.2.20
posted by @Mr. C4

General Discussions
"DJI Viewer" - new software for DJI drone video playback
posted by @wanderer

General Discussions
Is the Parrot ANAFI Drone better than the DJI Mavic Air? What do you think?
posted by @ShawnIde

General Discussions
Warning to Trackimo users
posted by @Brojon

Mavic Air
Obvious question
posted by @Jack Daw

Mavic Air
New DJI Go4 app (4.2.20)
posted by @charlas

Mavic Pro Help
Mavic Pro Gimbal Concerns
posted by @Skinejosh78

General Discussions
Autel Evo release date set, reviews already up.
posted by @mascot

DJI would like you to “See The Bigger Picture” on July 18th – announcement?
posted by @Greg Smithski

General Discussions
Lost My Mavic Pro
posted by @DifferentPointofView

sUAV Rules & Regulations
The Dreaded 400' Altitude Limit - A NEW TWIST!
posted by @FLYBOYJ

Mavic Air
Was this collision avoidance or dumb luck?
posted by @Rmag

Photos and Videos
His and Hers. Mavic Air and Spark flying from top of 100 ft Fire Tower!
posted by @BingErr

Mavic Air
Am I Just Paranoid or What?!
posted by @Dragon2650

Mavic Pro Discussions
Hand Catching Mavic Pro with Stock Settings (Simple/Safe)
posted by @robmulally

Mavic Pro Discussions
I am amazed about the Mavic Pro
posted by @macoman

FAA’s Safety Rules for Commercial Drones Are Overly Strict, Report Says
posted by @lisadoc

General Discussions
Mavic battery issue
posted by @Viciam

General Discussions
Getting DJI drones for free?
posted by @khooper802

Mavic Air
Mavic Air dropped like a stone in Dronie
posted by @WoopiDownUnder

Mavic Pro Discussions
Easiest windows video editing
posted by @Hayabusa

Control Apps - DJI, Litchi, Autopilot, etc...
DJI Go 4.2.21 is out !!
posted by @melmartin

Mavic Pro Discussions
The Mavic Pro in fcc mode is absolutely brilliant
posted by @GavieboyDji

sUAV Rules & Regulations
Flying at night
posted by @black_magic100