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sUAS 107 - Study Materials


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Jan 26, 2017

Unsure if there is a thread about this already, if so could someone please direct me there.

I've done a lot of googling about study materials for the part 107,
I've seen a lot of materials and sites that you can pay for, which I'm sure they are well worth it.

Currently I've just been reading through the study guide on the FAA website.

However I would like to ask everyone here who does have it, could you tell me where and what materials you used to get it. Or what your study habits and tips are.

Also this is my first post here, glad to meet you all.
Thank you,
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I have a list of commonly used FAA Part 107 study resources here.
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Good luck everyone! Feel free to ask questions if needed.
sUAS Test Reference Material: (Read it all) (Read it all) (Read it all) (Read it all) (Read it all) (Pages 1-36) (Thunderstorms, Winds / Currents, Density Altitude, Effects – Temperature, Effects - Frost Formation, Effects - Air Masses and Fronts) (Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF), Thunderstorms),d.cGc

(General Airspace, Authorization for Certain Airspace, Airport Operations Aeronautical Charts, Radio Communications - Non-towered, Radio Communications – Towered, Traffic Patterns, Traffic Advisory Services, Phonetic Alphabet, Scanning / See and Avoid, NOTAMs, Temporary Flight Restrictions, Hyperventilation, MOA, Sources - Weather Briefings / Sources, Prescription and OTC Medications),d.eWE (Situational Awareness)

(Loading/Performance - Balance, Stability, Center of Gravity, Aeronautical Decision Making - Crew Resource Management, Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METAR), Military Training Routes, Other Airspace Areas, Reading a Chart, Aeronautical Charts, Informational Sources, Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF), Hazardous Attitude, Crew Resource Management, Situational Awareness, Effective Scanning, Drugs and Alcohol, Effects - Atmospheric Stability and Pressure, Effects – Temperature, Weather Briefings / Sources, Prescription and OTC Medications)

Know how to use the two legends. Pages 1-19. This supplement will be provided to you when you take the test. If they do not, ask for it.
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Great information above! Even though you have seen it everywhere, remember to use the legend on the sectionals. It will help you not make mistakes on simple questions with a twist. I.e.

obstacles in MSL/AGL etc.

Good Luck!

Know what the following means:

4977 UC

You will probably to better than you think. I was worrying about passing and got a 92. When I got up from the computer, I certainly didn't think I had that. Use our time and go over it again. You'll do great!

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