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part 107

  1. L

    Retest if you fail Part 107

    I’m not planning on failing the test, but if I do, is there a limit on the number of times that you can retest? Larry
  2. ASI_Flyboy

    Commercial Pilots

    For those of you who have your Part 107, I was wondering what you are doing with it: Side job/gigs Self-employed company Work for a company who uses drones Just for fun Other It seems like there is a ton of potential out there and I just wanted to know if this is still mostly a hobby for...
  3. B

    Difficulty of Part 107 exam

    Hello fellow Mavic Pilots, I am taking the Part 107 exam (US) on May 19th. I have been reading through the material nightly and plan to take some of the practice tests, use notecards for practicing scenarios. I understand that there are some for-pay courses you can take, but I am a little...
  4. N

    Underage Drinking & Part 107

    I am aware that the FAA does not like drug and alcohol charges on pilots records. In my state, if you get an underage and go to a class, the charge will not go on your record. As a 19 year old with a 107, would getting an underage and then taking the class so it does not go on my record effect...
  5. Mad Mavic

    Long distance with battery change

    I'm curious if its possible to ignore the RTH and land at max distance from home, have someone to shut down the Mavic, change the battery, restart the Mavic, then the pilot take off and fly back. (yes I'm board LOL) I'm aware this infringes on the LOS rule, but as one poster said, doesn't...
  6. jaysrmc

    Part 107 and minors?

    I see the regulations that you have to be 16 to take the Part 107 test but my son is under 16, he posts his videos to youtube, what happens if he monetizes them. He already has around 3k subscribers because he does all kinds of videos. I called the FAA and no one can give me a straight answer. I...
  7. Albatross Aerial Imaging

    Wait time for Part 107 Airspace Authorizations

    Hello All, Has anybody had any recent experience with the FAA in getting a 107 airspace authorization. I have a client that is looking for some photos of their property but it happens to be within a class D. I’m just curious what your wait time was like after submitting the application? Thanks
  8. HiKen51

    Licensing amateur video for sale?

    From what I've learned so far, it appears that there is no wiggle room when it comes to monetary compensation for any footage shot by a drone hobbyist. However my accountant, who is also a licensed small-aircraft (as in Cessna, not DJI) pilot, has suggested that there may be a bit of a gray...
  9. TheoMatthias

    Another sUAS Checklist Template

    I have been using a sUAS checklist template that really didn't fit me very well. I wanted something I could use for both Part 101 & 107 operations. Then, I discovered a PDF checklist (originally developed by George Stowers) that came very close to what I was looking for. The only problem was...
  10. P

    Part 107 issues...

    A friend of mine does real estate photography and asked if I would do some drone video/photos for him so he could stop losing clients. So i did some research. Studied for 2 weeks and took my part 107 test...and i passed with an 83%. Everything seemed peachy...until I got home. The name on my...
  11. E

    San Diego Presentation - Looking Ahead - Drone (sUAS) Rules for 2018

    Looking Ahead - Drone (sUAS) Rules for 2018 Date and Time: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, starting at 18:00 Pacific Standard Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo and other sUAS Leaders Brief Description: 14 CFR Part 101 and Part 107 FAA sUAS Rules covered. This includes: Recreation, Public Use and...
  12. E

    San Diego Presentation - Risk Mitigation Strategies for sUAS Pilots

    Risk Mitigation Strategies for sUAS Pilots On Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 18:00 Pacific Daylight Time Location: Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Library 9005 Aero Dr., San Diego, CA Community Room San Diego, CA 92123 Speaker: Jay Bernstein from Clarity Aero, and other sUAS Industry Leaders...
  13. Molechaser

    New Mavic Pilot in Colorado

    Hi, everyone. I have my Part 107 certificate, and I'm just waiting for my Mavic to arrive. In the meantime, I've been enjoying lurking around here for a while.
  14. R

    Part 107 - What does it buy me?

    I'm confused on what a Part 107 does for me. I'm not in the hobby for commercial reasons (even though some day I may post some to YouTube), I simply want to fly recreationally. When using Air Map I notice when you select Part 107, almost all the smaller airports and heliports get turned off...
  15. pcalvin

    Mavic anti-collision lights and Part 107

    According to the FAA, to flight at twilight/dusk the SUA must have anti-collision lights that can be seen at 3 statute miles. Are the lights on the Mavic Pro that bright? Are they in compliance with that regulation? Thanks
  16. pcalvin

    iOS Log Book

    I am studying for my Part 107 license and I would like to keep a log book on my iPad, that I can also access from other devices (iPhone, MacBook Pro, etc.) This would be for flight time, location, etc as well as maintenance records, firmware updates, and do on. The documentation required by...
  17. TheGameColonel

    Commercial Drone Licensing in USA

    Team, I am a 25 year pilot and hold multiple FAA aeronautical ratings. Part 107 is taken directly from the PPL test which leads me to believe that I do not have to obtain an additional sub-rating to operate a drone commercially. Your thoughts? I also read this from Skyward.com: " Every drone...
  18. E

    San Diego Presentation: Lights - Camera - Drone - Action!

    San Diego Presentation: Lights - Camera - Drone - Action! Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Library 9005 Aero Drive, San Diego, CA Date: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017, 18:00 PDT Speaker(s): Dean Taylor, from Fox5 San Diego Description: As UAV’s become increasingly popular, many businesses...
  19. E

    San Diego - sUAS Airspace Authorizations and Waivers Presentation

    Acquiring Drone Airspace Authorizations and other FAA Part 107 UAS Waivers Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017, starting at 18:00 Pacific Daylight Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo & other sUAS Industry Leaders Description: Learn how to successfully create and submit FAA drone airspace authorizations...
  20. jmalonear

    Hello from Northeast Arkansas!

    Hi there! I recently joined this site and didn't see this thread until today! I am a photographer and videographer in Northeast Arkansas, that decided to become a drone pilot! I am currently flying a Mavic Pro, and I do have my Part 107 FAA License. I try to upload videos regularly to my...