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  1. C

    What types of commercial work can be performed using the Mavic 3?

    Hello everyone, Happy new year! In March 2021, I took it upon myself to get my part 107 license. At the time, I did this more as a challenge for myself, than it was for business. However, after flying my drones for the last year, I have decided that in 2022 I want to put my license to good use...
  2. D

    Flying in France - Selling photos

    Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone can help. I have recently moved to France from the UK and have a Mavic 2 Pro and a Mini. I have passed the online french Formation Des Telepilots, but have no further certification. I am about to take my A2 C of C in the UK (I had this arranged before I left). Is...
  3. Florida Drone Supply


    Florida Drone Supply has made arrangements to offer our customers 0% interest for 24 months with $0 down payment on all brands and all products including the new Matrice 300 RTK & the Autel Evo II Dual! Due to popular demand we have chosen to EXTEND this limited time offer! Who is eligible to...
  4. M

    How do I aerial survey woodland?

    With rules changing in the UK around commercial work later this year, I've a couple of contacts who are landowners asking about doing some straightforward mapping of their land (mainly to get a record of bracken coverage and the like) One of the areas is flat woodland with no hills or...
  5. I

    CAA Release CAP1789: Is this the death of PFCO in UK?

    CAA have published #CAP1789. It's the EU Drone regulation package to be adopted by all member states in July 2020. This is a major shift on focus from segregated Commercial/recreational classed #Drone flights in the UK, to one class of "remote pilots". This means you will no longer need a #PFCO...
  6. S

    Real Estate Photography Pricing

    Hello fellow Mavic Pilots - I have been asked by a local real estate agent if I'd be interested in shooting 5-7 photos with my drone of several real estate listings she is going to be putting on the market this spring. I really didn't seek out this opportunity (she was sent by a friend), so I...
  7. G

    Selling Drone Photos/Footage on Stock Websites

    Hello everyone, I searched for similar threads but couldn't find an exact case. The only one I saw was this comment, but I just wanted to be sure. So, I live in the UK, and as a hobbyist, I haven't registered my drone and don't have a license. I know you'll need a license if you want to fly...
  8. Ace79

    Flying for fun under 107

    I am sure this has been asked 100 times so I apologize for it, but I could not find the exact answer I was looking for. I hold my 107 certification, but like anyone here I like to fly for fun as well. I know I am still allowed to fly for fun, but am I allowed to use my 107 perks to fly for...
  9. G

    Do I need a license for commercial use?

    I'm looking at doing a few jobs with my mavic pro, does anyone know the exact license needed for the UK? I'm a member of the BMFA so my insurance is sorted, but I know this is void for commericial work. Has anyone ever been caught doing jobs without a license, or know anyone who has, and...
  10. ForrestGunt

    What kind of registration? Both?

    I just bought my first drone, a Mavic Pro. I'm just learning but I want to pass the107 so I can use the drone for work, too. Should I register it now for recreation and again after I pass107? How does this work?
  11. timair

    AMA (U.S.A) now offers commercial drone insurance

    Here is the link about the AMA discussing their commercial drone insurance : Academy of Model Aeronautics This link comes from the AMA search page : Academy of Model Aeronautics - Google Search Results AMA Announces Commercial Drone Insurance Exclusively for AMA ... AMA Announces Commercial...
  12. B

    Mavic Pro - Commercial Photography -

    After flying and photographing with the Mavic Pro for over a year I have had acquaintances ask if I could do some photography for them. It seems there is a market out there for drone photography and the Mavic system quality seems to meet the needs of individuals that have contacted me. That...
  13. UAV_C_A

    PLEASE CRITIQUE - First commercial job, new Culvers!

    Good day to you, new member here. I had the pleasure of taking some drone shots at the request of the owner of my local town's newest restaurant..CULVERS! PLEASE critique this photo and if you want, head to the flikr link for the rest Culver's Fox Lake I need to know what to work on, to...
  14. E

    San Diego Presentation - Ask the UAS Drone Experts Live

    Ask the UAS / UAV and Drone Experts Live Date and Time:. Wednesday, December 20, 2017, starting at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo and other sUAS Leaders Brief Description: This is your chance to Ask the Experts in Panel Discussion Recreation / Hobby, Commercial, & Public...
  15. J

    commercial or non-commercial

    I have just joined this site a short while back. I searched around in this forum and did not find a post that asked my question. So, here it is: If someone is working for himself with his own drone but has plans to later sell some of his footage, is she a commercial or non-commercial drone...
  16. Britishbigfoot

    Super happy with our summer 17 show reel

    As ever, this could be like, days long... We've accrued over 100km of flight distance since June, bought more batteries and had a blast flying commercially. So happy we got into this industry.
  17. brentmwarren

    droning near a major sporting event - commercial pilots only

    hey guys, So I work only 0.5 miles away from a major league ballpark. Obviously, a TFR will be in place during the games. However, If I take off from my office and remain within a 400ft elevation of the highest point of my office - is that still considered controlled airspace and can I take my...
  18. AerialViewSolutions

    Search and Rescue Operations

    Has anyone here every volunteered or been hired to conduct any work for a local law enforcement or rescue team to do search and rescue work? I understand that this is slightly out of scope for the Mavic, since this normally required infared capabilities, but a lot of individuals have their high...
  19. AerialViewSolutions


    Good Evening, I was working an event this past weekend taking shots of a large get together on a lake with my Mavic. About 3 hours in I was preparing to take off and had 2 other drones fly into the area. I missed getting a shot that I wanted because I refused to take off having these other...
  20. Skyryder747

    Magic Pro Whitset, NC

    If anyone is near here and wants to get together post here I am new to drones but not new to flying.