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Thank you sir for the info. I'll be checking that place out after I get back from work:D
Sup all. A friend and I here in Hampton rock our Mavic Pros at Fort Monroe, Buckroe Beach etc. Hit me up if anyone is interested in grouping up for some flights. Peace!

have you had any problems from the park rangers flying in those areas?
I live near Williamsburg in newkent toano im down to go there
I did try to go there recently but started raining so couldn't fly. Best place to launch from would be Fort Huger but there's no beach access.
Send me PM with your contact info, maybe we can figure something out.

I live in Bedford. I plan on picking up a Mavic before my trip to CO this week. Anyone local that could help out a newbie would be greatly appreciated.

Located here in Roanoke,
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Roanoke Here also
Hello Mike.
I'm a a Virginia Beach guy who flys a Mavic Pro and must say with the obvious huge Naval Air Presence, it's difficult to find a decent area to safely put the Mavic through its paces. I do however feel lucky to have access that some might find very unique. No need to tip the scales with specifics, simply drop me a line;or anyone with interest and, "meet up,."
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It's been a couple years since I really used my Mavic Pro. Here in Virginia Beach, I felt there really weren't many places I could go fly.

I did go fly it in an open field (near General Booth and Corporate Landing.) I know this is pretty close to the Navy base and such, but I usually kept it to maybe 10 feet off the ground and in my line of sight. However, now they're building something there, so that's gone. So my Mavic (and Zerotech Dobby) sat unused for two years.

A couple days ago, I was bored and Googled where to fly a drone around here, and got this site:

I noticed Mount Trashmore is on the list. I thought before the local parks prohibited flying, but maybe they changed them? The city park rules page (2019 revision) does allow for flying UAVs:

Also installed B4UFly, and Mount Trashmore is just outside both the Norflolk International Airport and Oceana Naval Base zones.

Any others have experience flying there? I thought I read about workers telling people not to fly there before, but that was years ago. I just prefer to avoid any confrontation if I can.

Also saw Atlantic Avenue and Stumpy Lake are on the list, and Little Island Park was mentioned here before. I just want more experience before dealing with sand and water.
Hey everyone, I know I am out of my state on this one, but it seems some of you flight in VA beach. I will one the Outer Banks of NC and would love to take a trip up to Va Beach to get some flight time in! If anyone is interested let me know!
Hampton folks, try Victory Landing park and fly out over the ships. No restrictions in B4 you fly app.
Where can we fly in VA Beach????????????????? no one knows
Have you tried the Kittyhawk app, yet? That will give you airspace information, but you’ll also need to check with local rules. Have you checked out the flying spots mentioned in this thread? Believe me...people know.
I have and it seems so sketchy to me.. I mean if I want to fly in VA beach I think I need to be by 61st (guessing).. I was just hoping to meet other folks that know of indeed ok locations ... For example.. I seen 2 mavic pilots at back bay park last summer but looking at kitty hawk that area is "Caution Review active advisories for a compliant operation." what does that mean exactly? can I still fly there ?IDK... Please help!!! and thanks!
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