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Went from Air 2s to mini 4 pro - BIG MISTAKE!

You can buy Air2S for dirty cheap from Europe, as they became legacy drones and are pretty much useless (banned anywhere near civilization).

On the other hand, Mini 4 Pro comes with waypoints. I would not consider anything without waypoints anymore. Flying with waypoints is a gamechanger. You can do moves that are impossible in manual flight.

In my opinion, a good replacement for Air 2S is Mavic 3 Classic (because the cameras on Air3 are mediocre at best).
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Yes, they are blessed with photographic ignorance.

Why do you feel the need to insult people?

There is far more to a sensor than size. ½" sensors today with same resolution of a 1" sensor from 5 years ago can capture far better images.

There is ignorance to be found here, but it's not about photography. It's about technology.
I would definitely upgrade to the Air 3 rather than another Air2S, the Air 3 is a far superior aircraft. I have 2 mini's, a mini 3 (not the pro) and a 4 pro and to be honest, both handle wind quite well, in fact I haven't been in a windy enough situation where I could only fly my Mavic 3 Classic safely. Obviously the bigger Mavic 3 is much more stable but generally, if it's too windy to fly a mini, I don't fly at all.

In what ways is the Air 3 better than 2S? Thanks
So glad to have come across this post. I don't fly too much these days so considered selling my Air 2S to try and get at least something for it as time is only going to make it worse. Was eventually thinking of then getting the Mini 4 Pro because not only would it be more convenient, but I do like how much quieter the Mini's are (which is really desirable for me as I'd rather not annoy others and get on about my business).

I had an Air 2 before the 2S and had absolutely no issues with the sensor size etc and actually preferred the 48MP images it produced even if they were a Quad Bayer type. So moving to the Mini 4 Pro is not something I'd see as a downgrade for me in terms of photography.

But that wind handling is definitely something that has made me think twice. I do know the Mini would be less powerful but I was hoping that in the time between the Air 2S and the Mini 4 Pro, there may have been some improvements in performance to make it suitable. I do find I fly in the occasional strong wind so maybe I might be best to not go for the Mini.
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