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care refresh

  1. Yaros

    Does DJI Care Refresh counts as an Insurance?

    Hello, I recently found out that you need insurance to fly in Spain, even if it's recreational. I have DJI Care Refresh, does that count as an insurance for the AESA/EASA?
  2. S

    Dji Care Refresh+ Slight Confusion

    Hello everyone! I'm not all that confident about the assistance DJI gives when you have a problem. Too much reading about DJI on Trustpilot can do that. With someone's help here in this forum hopefully I will know exactly what I want DJI to do for me to solve a potential problem with Care...
  3. cgmaxed

    DJI Care Refresh, The process of activating using a video, when it's been over 48 hours since your purchase.

    I bought my Air2s over 1 mnth ago from Best Buy, but didn't buy care refresh. I later used the video confirmation procedure to activate it. It's a lot easier than you may think. 1st they don't need a video of the AC flying around. They only use video from your RC app screen. You turn on video...
  4. C

    Mini 2 Refresh question

    All, I just purchased my Mini 2 two weeks ago. With that being said I have been flying it about every day since (I LOVE IT!). I am new to the drone community and I am far from an experienced flyer... I crashed my drone pretty well, and it has a few cracks in the shell as well as one of the...
  5. ckoerner

    The DJI Care Refresh Express Experience (for me)

    I wanted to give back in a small way to this community and share my recent experiences with DJI shipping and Care Refresh. A little context. I live in St. Louis, MO USA – the middle part. All times are my local time. California is two hours behind Missouri. I'm a middle-aged dad who rides a...

    Mini 2 Motor blockage mid-flight…warranty or flyaway?

    Good morning! Okay so on Saturday I had an epic flight on a glorious day that unfortunately resulted in the crash and loss of my Mini 2. Having crashed before I’d agree to the opinion that the majority of crashes are the result of pilot error, as were mine. However, on this occasion I sincerely...
  7. D

    Replacing Lost Drone?

    Three days ago I flew my Air 2 out over a deep canyon. Three minutes out, it fell out of clear airspace into the canyon. Obviously a mechanical, software, or firmware problem. Unfortunately the Find My Drone function failed, showing the drone 5 miles away and nowhere near where I was flying. We...
  8. B

    DJI Care Refresh experience

    Well it finally happened......I backed my Mavic Pro into a tree about 75' high. Rookie mistake, but there it was......I had to pay a tree guy to retrieve it. All he could do was knock it loose and it fell to the ground....HARD. One broken arm, 3 loose motors, broken camera gimbal, etc. Well I...
  9. J

    I crashed my Mavic Air after 1 hour

    Hey guys, I'm new to drones and new to this forum. Today I had a bad day due to making a bad decision. With only 1 hour and 30 minutes flight time with my brand new Mavic Air, I tried to get an under a bridge shot. Plenty of clearance and water was flowing slowly, no risk of splashing...
  10. Advexure

    Did you get Care Refresh for your Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom?

    Aside from the obvious question we are getting this week of "when will my Mavic 2 ship?", one of the next most common questions is whether to add Care Refresh or not. Should I get DJI Care Refresh for my Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom? Complete the above poll and share some insight below with others on...
  11. C

    Care Refresh +

    I've had my mavic pro over a year now and I bought the care refresh with it. I am now getting emails from DJI asking if I want to buy another year of refresh for $79. I already have an insurance policy with State Farm for $1300. If I were to re-buy the insurance and crash it one time, I am...
  12. J

    Is Litche Certified by DJI?

    According to Care Refresh; Damage resulting from the use of non-DJI certified third-party accessories, batteries or software, is not covered. Is Litchi DJI certified software?
  13. J

    Care Refresh renewal

    I've had my Mavic Pro for over 1 year now and bought Care Refresh when it was new. I never had a need to use it because I have not crashed my drone. Contrary to what you may see in FAQ's and even in these forums, DJI sent me an email offering a renewal for an additional year. That's where the...
  14. F

    DJI Select Misleading

    So I was looking to buy a Mavic Air and get DJI Care Refresh (CR). On the DJI webiste they are advertising that if you join DJI select you can get 50% off of CR. So I try to join Select($29) and it tells me i must make a qualifying purchase of a drone first. So I select the Mavic Air and CR...
  15. D

    Crash Before Care Refresh, flight logs available, considering fraud, HELP

    Hello Before you think im a bad guy i spent almost 1500$ on this thing. OK, so I made the required video for dji care refresh in say January, but didnt file for insurance. I crashed the mavic pro really bad in say february. i applied for dji care refresh in say march and was accepted, and...
  16. M

    Drone Drowning and Care Refresh

    Just a little ongoing story about my experience with care refresh and some videos that I hope others may enjoy/laugh at. So there I was....... It was Thank-giving day and I was out getting some great footage and just enjoying the day. I was listing to some drone U audio about not being scared to...
  17. DJI Care Refresh Shocking Review - Is it worth the money?

    DJI Care Refresh Shocking Review - Is it worth the money?

    This is a short film review of my personal experience of DJI Refresh – click this link if you want to find out more or purchase it yourself and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on future Bits & Bobs Reviews, News and Views
  18. W

    No longer a crash virgin

    I had my MP get itself entangled into a tree branch while ActiveTracking me. I had to bring a ladder and an extended pole and bring it down while my kid and my wife caught it in a blanket. The gimbal seems to have popped a cable or something. It doesn't respond rotate anymore. The video is still...
  19. N

    about to get a new mavic pro

    hi guys , after some stalking i saw how friendly and helpfull most of you are in here soo i decided to open an account hoping that somebody could help me out with some info, i live in Longyearbyen /Svalbard(tecnicly norway) and i was about to get a new mavic pro from and realiced...
  20. kevinelliott

    DJI Care Refresh now covers WATER DAMAGE!

    I just got this note from DJI in my email: Dear Customers, Christmas is almost here, and DJI has an amazing gift for you! DJI Care Refresh now covers accidental water damage! From now on, if your aircraft is damaged by water during normal use and you have DJI Care Refresh, it can be...