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  1. A

    Mini 4 Windy Testing Near Wind Turbines

    Recently I got the opportunity to fly in a beautiful area near some wind turbines. When we set out, it was all clear. Then It was crazy windy out of nowhere. Maybe because of the turbine location itself, lol! Naturally being windy, but it was a struggle for the mini 4 pro to stay steady on some...
  2. N

    Pikes Peak

    Hello, im going to visit Pikes Peak tomorrow and i have a Mavic Mini which is under 250 grams. Im wondering if anyone knows if im allowed to fly it there?
  3. E

    Mini 2 Droning a beautiful Lake @ Sunset. Awesome clouds and mountain range.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. B

    Onboard and in the Ready Room

    Just joined the Mavic Pilot Squadron…New to Drone Piloting with DJI Mini 2!
  5. Coskier

    2 Pro Loveland Pass Backcountry Terrain, Colorado, USA

    Had an unusually calm day last weekend, weather wise, on top of the Continental Divide in Colorado. So I thought I would see what I could get with the M2P.
  6. virtualphotographers

    Air 2 Phoenix Ridge Yurt

    Tucked away high above Creede, Colorado and the historic mining sites of the area lies Phoenix Ridge and a really amazing yurt that you can actually rent (check out AirBNB). Its an incredible area to explore and accessible to 4x4's and ATVs.
  7. K

    Where to fly in Colorado

    Hello! I'll be heading to Colorado in a few weeks. I'll be making a loop from Denver down to Colorado Springs, the Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, Gran Junction, Mt Sherman, Maroon Bells, Leadville, Estes Park and a bunch of other places in between. Is not given that National Parks are out of the...
  8. Fuzzman18

    Maroon Bells, Colorado

    Hi, has anybody flown around the Maroon Lake area? It shows that it is Ok to fly there on AirMap, however, I haven't found any info specifically prohibiting it.
  9. Savon W.

    World's Most Comfortable Chair (short story)

    I've been working on this project for a few months now. Usually I just make one off videos about trips but this is an attempt to make a more comprehensive narrative. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Savon W.

    Colorado Mountains Montage

    A year of flying, a few crashes, and one documentary later I finally made a video that I'm ok looking at. These are a few of the more interesting places I've been to in that time. All thoughts and criticism welcomed. I have a long way to go and appreciate other pilots opinions.
  11. Winter; Cache la Poudre River, Colorado

    Winter; Cache la Poudre River, Colorado

    Abstract, slow, meditative, 420-compatible, this film explores a short section of the Cache la Poudre ("Hide the Powder") river a few miles below its alpine ...
  12. P


    Hi guys, first post here. I'm a landscape photographer that wanted to experiment with video, so I took my Mavic 2 Pro to the mountains in Colorado and had some fun filming and playing with hyperlapses. Everything was filmed in 4K HQ D-log, downsized to 1080, edited and color graded in Premiere...
  13. PeopleAreGreat

    Sweet I'm in!

    So I'm a newbie to DJI, but I have built my own Tricopter and quads before as well as being an avid fixed wing fpv enthusiast! So glad to be here! Bought the new Mavic M2 Zoom. I live in North Thornton CO USA.
  14. Savon W.

    Zodiac Ridge - Colorado

    Almost two miles of rugged cliffs that connect Red Peak with Mt. Silverthorn. I've been climbing longer than I've been flying so I always appreciate helpful criticism.
  15. Savon W.

    Sunrise/Sunset - Golden Hour Thread

    Since the dawn of photography people have been drawn to sunrise and sunset. From the long dramatic shadows that stretch on for miles to the ruby red hues with contrasting deep blues. I'd like to see how everyone uses the most dynamic natural light to compose their shots. How does it effect what...
  16. Savon W.

    Buffalo Peak Sunrise

  17. sdevincenzo

    Colorado Mavic FOUND in forest.

    Indian Peaks Wilderness area near Peak to Peak Hwy. Found in forest. Looks like it auto landed..Perfect shape. Have some video on card but nothing that could help identify owner except a vehicle and a house So if you lost a Mavic in the forest in Colorado describe it and let's get you back your...
  18. thebigbaddan

    Loveland Pass Flyover 4K

    I've flown in this area several times in the snow... and finally got a clear day with no wind, it's usually super windy up here. This is one of my favorite places ever to snowboard... you park down below at the switchback, and hitchhike up to the peak. The middle of the valley is really great...
  19. R

    I Dont Care

  20. C

    Big Thompson Canyon with the Mavic

    I took the Mavic up Big Thompson Canyon Saturday for a little flying/filming. Here's a quick edit (I am brand new to video editing, so I have a lot to learn). The road is closed to traffic because of construction up the canyon. I might bring one of my race quads out there tomorrow :).