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  1. U

    Lost RC Controller

    Hello People! My father has lost a RC controller and still has his Mini 3 Pro that is binded to the lost controller. Now he got a second hand controller from a person that has lost its Mini 3 Pro drone. So the acquired controller is also binded to a lost drone. How to connect his Mini 3 Pro...
  2. A

    Air 2 fell out of the sky with 12% battery , do i have any chance of getting a replacement from dji

    Dear All Please can i get some assistance ive had my mavic air 2 for 2 years Last week i was flying it and the low battery warning appeared. As i was bringing down to land it basically fell out of the sky and i could not find it. I am reviewing the logs and it shows the drone still had 12%...
  3. L

    Lost DJI Mini SE at Vøringsfossen Norway 18/08/2022

    Hallo, yesterday 18/08/2022 I lost my DJI Mini SE at Vøringsfossen Waterfall in Norway. It crash againts the mountain near the bridge on the valley hike to the waterfall. In the battery compartment is a small note with the eID and my phone number (Germany) on it. If you happen to find it...
  4. T

    Mini 2 crashes into the Singapore river during night flight. Crash analysis request from amateur.

    1 week new mini 2 drone pilot, and absolutely loving the experience. Flying daily over land had been comfortable thus far. Overexcitedly flew the mini 2 over a large body of water Marina bay during evening time- with no issues. Tried once more at night time resulting in a crash. Wind: low...
  5. D

    Help! My Mavic Mini is like Rhett Butler: Gone With the Wind

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some help understanding my flight info from everyone here more knowledgeable than myself. I lost connection to my Mini and RTH wouldn't work because of strong winds. It didn't seem strong on the ground, but at altitude it was apparently. Find My Drone on the app shows its...
  6. Q

    Mavic Pro lost

    Hello! I lost connection to my drone for a while and it braked and hovered @ 60meters. Battery was at 19% at this point. I was just gonna RTH. This is the last known location in my flightlog. Then i gained connection with the RC but for some reason phone could not get connection so next actions...
  7. T

    I lost air 2s at sea... after 12% battery drone was not responsive.

    I bought my drone 3 weeks ago. i was really enjoying it. Today i lost it. I really didnt understant what happened... is there any one can explain me? There was wind but not too much it was like 25-30 kph Here i share flight log: I...
  8. M

    URGENT need help with lost mavic mini logs

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I'm not so experienced in drone piloting and I have a really bad flight today.. Atti mode make my drone fly away in big city, but I have some logs, so I'd be glad if someone help me with where to search for it. I get back to place where I started my...
  9. wilmutiny3

    Found drone under Gemini Bridges, Moab

    We were on Gemini bridges yesterday and spotted a drone stuck on a short tower below. No one was on the hiking trail below trying to get it and it didn’t belong to anyone up above. We estimate the tower it was on to be maybe 80-100’. I didn’t get close enough to investigate cause the updraft...
  10. Area 8

    Guessing game.

    I'm looking for guesses as to how many fly away or crashed drones are unclaimed sitting out there? I'll start the guess at 500k. 2 are mine. Obviously I don't have an answer. I'm just looking for opinions. Fly safe pilots!
  11. F

    MA2 found South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia

    Hi, I found a Mavic Air 2 in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia. Please get in touch if it is yours, Many thanks, Bill
  12. H

    Mavic Pro platinum powered down midflight.

    Was flying my drone last night and it powered down midflight. Anyone live in the Houston Kingwood area want to help me find it? I figure it would be found a lot faster if we had multiple drones scanning for it... or specialty drones with special cameras on them. I figure it’s lost for good...
  13. B

    Lost mini in wind - 100% my fault!!

    Hi all, Last Sunday I used my drone to take a lovely pic of my daughters and I outside our house. It was very windy that day but, stupid old me, decided to gain some altitude and try to take a better pic. Long story cut short, I lost signal and never regained it. I have attached below a...
  14. C

    Lake McConaughy-Find a Mavic Pro Platinum

    Last seen July 4th, 2019 landing in lake about 100 yards out from North Shore Lodge. Had orange decals back then, hoping someone finds it one of these days.
  15. M

    Lost my Mavic Mini when it suddenly dropped into a river

    Hello everyone. I need help to figure out what happened to my drone, and if I can get a replacement from DJI because I have DJI Care Refresh. It suddenly started descending by itself even though I was not pressing down on the stick. I am a newbie with less than 2 hours of flight experience...
  16. G

    Mavic 2 Pro Plummeted into the Ocean

    Hey Mavic Pilots, I was flying at St. Simon's Pier in Brunswick, GA when I witnessed my drone commit suicide right in front of me (and about 200 other people). Was pretty embarrassing. I am unable to even attempt to get it back because I don't know any divers there or have any diving gear...
  17. m80116

    EXPLORE Lost Watermill [VIDEO]

    Beat the Summer heat with a refreshing exploration of an old abandoned Watermill by foot with aid from Critter, m80's drone friend. Enter the ancient ruins from below and above in a place where nature overgrowth dominates: water, birds, dragonflies and an ancient stone bridge from 2000 years...
  18. m80116

    [Mavic Mini] LOST in an Old MINE [VIDEO]

    Here's my last work w/ the Mini. Little being had a lot to do this time and me as well as I've worked my fingers to the bone not having a proper editing suite and workflow. It took me a long time and several trials and errors to get the freaking thing done. Among firsts for my Mini: a...
  19. E

    Help finding mavic mini with air data .xml

    Lost my Mavic mini the other day. I've attached a .kml. I also noticed in the records there were several (Not Enough Force/ESC Error) notifications. If anyone could me narrow down an area to search it would be greatly appreciated.
  20. P

    Lost MM in a wind

    Good morning Dear Users, I have lost a Mavic Mini two days ago due to strong gusts of wind. I know you might already be fed up with this kind of threads, but I'm devasted and I'm searching for any data I can use to find the drone, as I believe it's still out there. It was my second...