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nd filters

  1. F

    DJI Mavic 2 Pro ND Filters - Skyreat

    Hi, So i've got 3pc @Skyreat ND filters for my Mavic 2 Pro. The fit and finish of these filters is very good. They came in a plastic case and microfiber cloth. For the install i just need to grasp the camera barrel, rotate the stock Filter, remove it and apply the @Skyreat ND Filter. Beware...
  2. B

    SOLD - Europe: Mavic Air Accessories

    Mavic Air Battery, 4 charges MC Cases Smart Edition (new) - SOLD Polar Pro Cinema Series Shutter Edition ND Filters (new) 4 Original DJI Propellers (unused) Open to Offers Can meet in Dublin, or ship anywhere in Europe for cost Pictures at All Sections For Sale in Ireland - DoneDeal.ie
  3. J

    ND filters

    Anyone had any luck finding these in stock? Both DJI & BH Photo show them out of stock at the moment. Have my email on both notify lists.
  4. I

    Buying ND Filters for your Drone? Don't Waste Money..

    Thinking of buying ND filters for your drone? Make sure you don't wast your money on buying the WRONG ones. Not all ND Filters are the same, they all do similar but different jobs.
  5. A

    Honeymoon Highlight Video (Maldives)

    Hey guys, My wife finally convinced me to edit our honeymoon footage from the Maldives last year. I like to fly the Mavic pro on my spare time and so the video editing was something I thought I’d try out. I felt like sharing because I busted my *** trying to shoot the footage and then...
  6. Skyreat

    New Mavic air filter set,ND1000&ND64

    https://www.amazon.com/SKYREAT-Exposure-ND1000-Filter-Mavic/dp/B07DVMT1V8 Long Exposure ND filter for mavic air.PM me if you're interested in testing it,Thanks ! Please offer me your email address ,so that i can send other good new dji accessories to you when we release.
  7. Charissa

    Long Exposure filters from Freewell

    Hi. I am brand new to this forum, and also a fairly brand new Mavic Air owner looking for good advise. I ordered Freewell Long Exposure ND 128, ND 256 and ND 400 filters. Anyone have them, any reviews, any images taken with them? Advise on photos and videos, regarding this filter set. Which one...
  8. I

    DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum Gradient ND Filters...Awesome

    Oh where have you been all my flying life! The new Gradient ND filters for the DJI Mavic Pro/platinum help you to have a balanced exposure shot over bright sky and shadow. Worth a look, defo good toll for the drone bag.
  9. heo3480

    Mavic ND Filters | Why & How

    Do you need an ND filter for your new Drone? This tutorial will get you started why and when you need them and further includes an EASY way to pick the right ND filter I have used Mavic Air, but the principle is the same for all DJI Drones /Henrik
  10. Mad_Angler1

    Freewell Gear All Day ND Filter Set - DJI Mavic Air

    Freewell Gear have really been expanding their product range over the last year and along side the release of the DJI Mavic Air they have continued to release a range of products for this new model too including carry cases, device holders, individual ND filter and complete kits. Today we are...
  11. I

    Tested Skyreat ND Filters & what PL Filters do.

    Tested out the Skyreat ND filters for DJI Mavic AIR.. also good if you wondered what PL filters do.
  12. I

    Can you save over-exposed video?

    Can you recover Over-exposed aerial video? What do you do? what do you expose for?
  13. I

    Getting Cinematic video with Mavic AIR ND Filters. How & Why..

    To get Cinematic video with DJI Mavic AIR, you need ND Filters. Struggling with them? Here's how to use & why you need them. Hope it helps.. Fly safe.
  14. JoshuaCarlton


    I am selling my Mavic pro fly more combo with Titan cyclone long range antenna because I find myself using my Phantom 4 pro more. Everything is in perfect working condition, always hand caught, never a crash or hard landing. still has the original props on but I am also including 6 spare props...
  15. heo3480

    Win Taco-RC ND filter (5 pk)

    You have the chance to win 5 Pack ND filter set wrapped in a nice protective case.
  16. nicotheredfish

    SALE - ND filters PGY

    Hey, I don't know if it's te right place to post this but I found this on Amazon : PGY G-HD ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 Filters Lens Set for DJI MAVIC Pro Drone Quadcopter: Amazon.ca: Camera & Photo Deal ends in 4h30, so don't loose time ;) For Canadians btw, I'm not sure if they did the same for the...
  17. O

    Mavic lens filters SunnyLife any good ?

    Did anyone tried them ? 27GBP for set of 6 filters seems to be very good price! or any other recommendations in lower price range! (I know you will say polar pro but is this really worth the difference in the price?) MRC-UV MRC-CPL ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 Camera Lens HD Filters for DJI MAVIC Pro...
  18. brentmwarren

    Any way to tell if a ND filter was used?

    Hey guys, Just got my Mavic a month ago, new to photography, etc.... I miraculously took some great pictures/video footage of the sky just after sunset. I THINK I accidentally used an ND filter. Is there any way to figure out within the photo or video information if I used a filter or not...
  19. TrayBoz

    Should I use ND filters on a cloudy day?

    I just got my first set of ND filters and have watched many videos on how to set the video settings (manually) to get the best pictures. I'm ready to start experimenting with various video settings now. My question is, should I ALWAYS use an ND filter? Even in low light? Or on a really...
  20. L

    Did anyone tried Neewer PL+ND filters?

    Hi. I stumbled upon this filter package on eBay, and wondering if anyone tried it: Neewer Multi-coated 6 Pieces Filter Kit for DJI Mavic Quadcopter As far as I know only PolarPro and Freewell offer combined ND+PL filters, but those are MUCH more expensive than this set. Neewer seems NOT to...