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  1. eva2000

    Mini 2 First Panorama Photos Brisbane, Australia

    Posting my first panoramic photos from my 7 day old Mini 2 :D First time using the Affinity Photo trial to create the panoramic photo from DNG raws - a huge difference compared to the native Fly App's panoramic photo generation! But crazy how it eats into disk space once you work with the DNG...
  2. C

    Having an issue with MP2 Spherical pano

    I have a question about M2P spherical pano; I did one for a company and they said “please reshoot, too much parallax.” My question is, should I shoot pano’s in tripod mode to slow the drone down a bit? Or does it not matter? Any help/advice on spherical pano shooting would be much appreciated...
  3. Pixies channel

    Panoramic view of Hopefully in the Peak District

    Hi guys this a 4 shot pano taken with the Mavic Mini stitched together in Lightroom.
  4. DCM-PA

    Pano Mode ?

    For the life of me yesterday when I had the bird out I could not get into Panorama mode. It was always grayed out, either with the bird landed or in the air. What am I missing or is this another firmware glitch?
  5. D

    Combining Litchi's 'Panorama' & 'AEB' features to create a 45 picture Landscape Shot (M2P)

    DJI's native Go 4.0 app can happily take both panoramic pictures, and auto exposure bracketed (AEB) ones. - What it cannot do, is shoot both at the same time. (At least not on the M2P) Step up; everyone's favourite quadcopter third party software solution - Litchi (Although not cheap at...
  6. m80116

    Mavic Mini does the PANO shots (IT) [IMG]

    Okay... opening this thread with the best intention to populate it with a bunch of Panoramic views captured with the little being. Today me and my critter have risen up to 75m to capture the series of shot necessary for this short Panoramic composition of a small Italian town during the...
  7. mavicsthelena

    Blown away by the Mavic 2 Pro

    Can't believe the output and the flight specs of the Mavic 2 Pro. Got some shots done, popped them into lightroom and the out comes where great. Hope everyone enjoys these from St Helena Island, in the South Atlantic Ocean.
  8. H

    Any tips for take AEB stills and panoramas

    I find when i get home I have a lot of pieces to assemble, its a right jigsaw puzzle. If i do a sphere its 47 images if I do AEB its 5 images per shot , and if I do I 180 another bunch. How do people keep track of what fragment of belongs to which shot....especially if you use light room or...
  9. Aerial-Pixel

    Finally Litchi For the Mavic Air!

    For those of you that haven't seen, Litchi is now compatible with the Mavic Air. I updated it on my CrystalSky and went out in the back yard for some tests. Both waypoints and Pano mode worked awesome! Finally waypoints on the Air!
  10. mfc

    Spherical and 180° panos wildly different

    As others have reported, the spherical pano mode often (always?) gives wildly over-exposed results. I carried out a number of experiments today, and the result was that I found that the other pano modes work as expected. Further, single frames taken of the same subject in the two pano modes...
  11. B

    Hangar App not displaying processed Pano

    Hi I have created numerous Panos with the Hangar App on the latest release, but for some reason I can not view them anymore through the mobile App on an iPhone7 and the latest iPad Pro 9.7. Also the Hangar Apps is freezing the iphone s well, forcing my iPhone to restart again. If I create a...
  12. T

    HDR/Bracketing/Portrait in Pano Mode?

    Hi All, Has anyone figured out a way to make the Mavic stick to the various photo mode during Pano? -HDR -Bracketing -Portrait Thanks, Matthew
  13. ShawnIde

    My first attempt at Sphere Mode

    Hey Guys... Here is my first attempt at Sphere mode on the DJI Mavic Pro. I am amazed at how fast it is. Have you tried this new mode?
  14. K

    360 Pano Editing Software

    Hello everyone, Since the last update which added the vertical, horizontal and 360 panoramic picture capabilities I've been playing around with it and I have to say I'm a HUGE fan of the 360 pictures. Although it was windy and the drone wasn't perfectly steady, I was able to capture this...
  15. OzoneVibe

    Pano working fine(ish). A couple of questions.

    Firstly ... for me ... even on Android .... Pano seems to be working just fine. However, the PhotoSpheres are very overexposed. (pics 1 & 2). Other pano modes and ordinary pics/video are fine. Secondly, the icon marked at the top right of Pic 2 is (by my understanding) supposed to sync the...
  16. I

    FW Update V01.04.0100 Pano, Tagging & Privacy

    Just Updated, and playing with Pano on the Mavic Pro. Impressive. Less pics taken than on the spark, but results are good. Anyone else concerned on the lack of FW Roll Back?
  17. Qoncussion

    Beautiful 360° Sunset over the Sierra Nevada Foothills

    I capture this using Litchi a few nights ago in Nevada City, California - my home. Nevada County Sunset
  18. K

    Litchi: AEB+PANO

    Cannot find anywhere if Litchi is supporting AEB when shooting panoramas in Pano mode. Also what is maximum number of shots for AEB? Only 3? I was trying HDR pano with DJI Go app and it was very time demanding when up in the air especially with storm approaching. It took me almost 5 minutes for...
  19. AlwaysAWOL

    First Hanger 360. Didn't like the sun! What settings should I have used?

    Took my first Hanger 360 pano here... Edit: (Updated pano 10 hrs later. Much Better. ) Went for an early morning motorbike ride today and brought the Mavic. When uploaded, Hanger 360 stitched it together and left out the shots that had the sun in them. Pretty sure it's because the Mavic...
  20. T

    360 Panorama Software

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone out there has had much success with 360 degree pano (sphere shaped) software using the Mavic? I'm reading that DronePan, Litchi and Hangar 360 are all capable - but is one better than the other? Looks like a pretty cool technique that I want to have a crack at...