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    Panorama Issues with Mini 3 :(

    one of the reason was to get the drone to have a great high quality panorama and as easy done like with the old Mavic Air but seems like lately DJI makes everything difficult :( the issues 1. ending up with separate RAW files and could not find a software yet to stitch those together 2...
  2. O

    Problem with shaky footage using the mini

    I recently found that all footage I took the last two weeks is extremely shaky. The issue seems to be much worse on anything that is close to the drone such as the trees to the bottom right side, but anything far away seems to be fine. I think it almost looks like a stabilization issue. Is...
  3. T

    Volo avanti e dietro

    Salve, ho appena comprato un mavic air, l ho provato in casa, ma non riesco a farlo volare in avanti ne indietro, per gli altri movimenti tutto ok, qualcuno puó aiutarmi?
  4. j.r.r.

    CrystalSky Ultra Bright Monitord

    I placed the order for CS Ultra Bright monitor today and looks like I didn't do proper research. Searching number of forums I noticed there were number of problems reported with this unit between last couple of months of 2017 and first 3 months of 2018. The most recent posts I see report over...
  5. PhotoAdventures

    Few annoying issues on my Mavic Air

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here, so I'm gonna start with a little presentation of myself. My name is André and I'm from Portugal. I'm 26y old and recently I started following my dream of becoming a Landscape Photographer, I quit my 7-year job as a Meteorologist and since October 2017...
  6. Mad Mavic

    $4,500 U.S. Dollars Later

    Today I decided to give some hard earned opinions of DJI products. Specifically the Mavic Pro Platinum, and DJI Goggles. While I'm here I might as well throw in a few words about the Titan antenna mods; being all inclusive in my rant/review. First I have to say without question DJI has an...
  7. S

    Suggestions for Moverio engineers? Magnetic port for attaching wire. No hardwired tether, fail point

    Okay so i've been a fan of head mounted displays for about 15 years now. One thing ive noticed with similar goggles is the tethering wire. I've had a few models of Vuzix goggles, Headplay, some brands that dont exist anymore. Their main crutch or fail point was their main tethering wire. I would...
  8. S

    DJI care refresh problems

    I bought the care refresh because it claimed "fly with confidence" and "water damage covered." I realize I should have read the fine print before I purchased, but the requirement that the drone be recovered was only made obvious after I made the purchase. They should add that to the above hype...
  9. M

    First flight(s), problems and solving them

    Hi, and pardon my french. English is not my native language, but I hope this makes some sense... I'm just writing my story here, I hope it helps someone who might have same issues. I bought my MP fly more combo last thursday and I was anxious to get it in the air. Before buying MP, I had been...
  10. F

    Have you guys ever experienced an "out of control" spinning with your Mavic?

    I was flying my Mavic this morning, and take off was normal. I just felt the drone wasn't flying as fast as it usually does. I thought it could be the wind, so I kept flying it. Passed about 5 minutes I decided bringing the Mavic back, and that's when weird things started to happen. It was hard...
  11. mikey201

    is facebook live streaming not working for anyone else either?

    both times ive tried to live stream. on the app it said i had good connection speed like 20mbps and showed that the audio was working and had a little timer of how long i was going for then when i go on facebook it showss maybe a 2 sec clip with everything bundled together or just doesnt work...
  12. TheWolfen

    Correcting Digitized Date for Lightroom

    Hi everyone! I'm a pretty new Mavic pilot but long time photographer. I just wanted to share with everyone a trick I just figured out related to a Lightroom issue on a Windows PC. First, some background. I use Adobe Lightroom to manage all of my photos and videos. I noticed that when I import...
  13. regandunstan

    5V BEC Installation For Parrot / Micasense Sequoia On DJI Mavic Pro

    Hi all, I plan on installing a 5V BEC inside my Mavic Pro to power a Parrot / Micasense Sequoia sensor. Just like these guys... Has anyone done something similar or have any links at all to how I should go about this? I could possibly cut a motor wire and insert there? Any constructive...
  14. C

    Mavic worth flying with DJI's app reviews?

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting myself a DJI Mavic Pro. But I'm hesitant because people on the Google Playstore (posting reviews) are complaining about constant app crashes in mid-flight, threatening lawsuits, etc. It appears that DJI is good at hardware but not software. Is it worth buying if...
  15. J

    AutoPilot control issue

    So I fly Mode 1 (flew planes for years) which means my throttle is on the right stick. When I load up and fly around with AutoPilot the controls are the same, however, when I engage Cruise Mode the throttle gets mapped to the LEFT stick and the right stick has pretty much zero control of the...
  16. Skyler King III

    Litchi / Mavic controller issues

    I sent my mavic on a Litchi saved mission planned for 11 minutes. I had set 20 mph for speed. For some reason it was going 5 mph. It was unresponsive to my manual speed input. I tried lowering to 300' from 400' to get out of some winds aloft. It refused to descend. Then lost radio (I kew...
  17. Member

    10 common Mavic problems (with examples)

    Not in English, but looks like good info.