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  1. C

    Way to find where your device is from ?

    hello dealing with the local dji support on my country i just found that my drone was not originally from here (Brazil), which is strange as it was ordered on store with recipt it´s out of warranty anyway, however i would like to find out where it´s originally from anyone knowns if is there...
  2. CieloImaging

    Issue with Mini 3 Pro, Shipped in a Week vs Mini 4 Pro Now?

    Hi all. When I bought my Mini 3 Pro almost a year ago at Best Buy with the Fly More Combo Plus, I also added the Best Buy TotalTech protection plan and it has been great (my first M3P had a power defect and they literally grabbed a new one from the shelf and exchanged it for the defective one)...
  3. D

    Mini 3 Atti mode crash - is this clearly user error or potentially a malfunction?

    Hey everyone, My drone took off from an almost identical flight 20 off minutes earlier and wouldn't increase altitude or stop drifting forward due to GPS issues. This resulted in a crash. The response from DJI was as follows: 1. The aircraft worked under ATTI mode after it took off. 2...
  4. eva2000

    DJI Warranty/Care Refresh and Master Airscrew Props?

    I have an almost 2 week old DJI Mini 2 with has 2yr DJI Care Refresh plan. In the noob excitement, I ordered some Master Airscrew Propellers for a quieter sound. But didn't really think how using MAS props will impact DJI Mini 2's manufacturer warranty and DJI Care Refresh? I guess if I do...

    Mini 2 Motor blockage mid-flight…warranty or flyaway?

    Good morning! Okay so on Saturday I had an epic flight on a glorious day that unfortunately resulted in the crash and loss of my Mini 2. Having crashed before I’d agree to the opinion that the majority of crashes are the result of pilot error, as were mine. However, on this occasion I sincerely...
  6. K

    Drone got crazy and crashed after RTH! Possible warranty? [log inside]

    Hey everyone! Unfortunately, the worst has happened and my dear Mavic Air 2, only a week old, got crashed... Would like to understand whether I can activate the warranty and other repair options. How it happened: I was flying in the park, open area but with some trees around. I was after 10pm...
  7. H

    Screws and warranty question

    Does anyone know why a few of the screws have a plug like thing in them? Is it to see if you violate warrant? It’s like glue in the top so you can’t tighten loosen the screw. I want to tighten the screw because I found some loose ones but I don’t want to violate my warranty. DJI was absolutely...
  8. B

    One of the Mavic batteries not sitting flush (swollen?)

    Hey Guys, a proud owner of a Mavic 2 Zoom here. I’ve had the drone for about 10 months now. I got a fly more combo so three batteries and then I got two spares cause you can never have too many right? ;) Anyway, I just noticed one of my batteries is not sitting completely flush with the upper...
  9. G

    Flyaway, over water, crash and... warranty replacement!

    I thought I’d share my first flyaway experience. Having flown everything from tiny training aircraft through to AscTec Falcon 8’s and heavy lift Octa’s both personally and commercially for about 7 years in 15 countries, I’m very lucky to have only had 1 major crash, my fault, lost orientation...
  10. J

    Care Refresh renewal

    I've had my Mavic Pro for over 1 year now and bought Care Refresh when it was new. I never had a need to use it because I have not crashed my drone. Contrary to what you may see in FAQ's and even in these forums, DJI sent me an email offering a renewal for an additional year. That's where the...
  11. R

    Refurb and warranty help

    Hi First time posting on here. Just couple of questions. I was thinking of buying a refurb Mavic Pro. I’m from the UK and the site that i would be using is Anybody out there used them before? Are they any good? Secondly, are refurbs generally safe to buy. I’ve read a few forums...
  12. C

    Lessons Learnt from splash landing

    Several months back my bird took a bath after an automatic landing caused it to try landing on water. This happened, so I'm told, because the sensors were confused over calm very reflective water. Guess it wasn't my day as I had only turned the sensors on for that flight after reading that would...
  13. G

    DJI: Faulty batteries are automatically out of warranty

    My latest Mavic Pro battery failed after only a few uses. Because it’s cells are faulty, DJI will not provide full or pro-rated replacement — not based on length-of-ownership warranty consideration, but because of an inherent manufacturing flaw that resulted in early failure. ”We sincerely...
  14. G

    DJI: Faulty battery? We’ll sell you another — full price

    Gotta love those Communists. One of my five Mavic Pro batteries had terminal cell failure yesterday. It’s been used fewer than 15 times. I requested a replacement after reading advice to a similarly-affected pilot on this forum. DJI’s response: “No worries, we will provide you with the best...
  15. H

    Mavic Air Fly-away

    Hello! So my Mavic Air flew away today. I started off with 76% battery, recorded RTH point with gps signal and all, and when I reached 30m altitude it freaked out. It went full speed ahead away from me. activating RTH function had no effect at all and it didnt respond to the controller. (...
  16. D

    RTH Fail

    I initiated the RTH function when my Mavic was running low on battery. Halfway from returning home, it started to descend on its own before it was directly above me. Since there were obstacles of different heights all around me I tried to force it back up. But it got to a point where it wouldn't...
  17. T

    Help...Mavic went haywire and ignored my controller, crashing somewhere out of reach

    Hi guys, My Mavic Pro crashed last week on the edge of a cliff out of reach for anyone. Everything was going according to plan, until I softly hit forward for less than half second, to brake from a backwards panning I was doing. It didn't stop there, and kept pushing forward on its own. I...
  18. GMG

    Warning - Buying from TomTop

    td;lr While in some markets TomTop’s price is substantially lower than other options, you’ll have NO warranty and NO support if you have any issues. ——— The longer story A few months ago, my Mavic was stolen, including all my accessories. Not a day’s gone by without thinking about it and...
  19. Don Boyd

    Motor seized 25 days in. thankfully no crash damage.

    I need to send it back for warranty. I find there site confusing. they keep sending me back the same email. Help.... I'm in Canada. I got it from London Drugs but they will not help me. I need to get it to DJI for a repair. Thanks in advance..
  20. P

    DJI service is horrible!!!!

    Got a Mavic in February and really liked it. Then I got a vision sensor problem about 4 months after getting it. DJI told me to format SD card and update firmware. That worked, so all good. 2 weeks later got same thing so I repeated the procedure and and nothing worked. Tried recalibrating...