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How do you feel when flying drones?

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
I sometimes miss being a kid, and fly my drone to bring back memories of childhood times.

When I was a kid, things seemed so much simpler. The toughest things in daily life were school and homework, but after those daily chores were done, it was time to cut loose, look for the neighborhood kids, and play in the street. Bottlecaps, marbles, hopscotch, stick ball, punchball, street hockey, football, and foot races were the big sports in my neck of the woods. In the winter we had the snow. Snowball fights, sledding, and just generally freezing ourselves outside all the time from Halloween until April. Computers and video games hadnt been invented yet, yet, so we had to actually get out and socialize with other kids face to face, or stay inside and play Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, Chutes and Ladders or Candyland to pass the time.

Im still a big kid inside. Drones and anything RC still light my fire, and by all the friends I've made through the years, I think Im not alone in my passion and enjoyment of devices and toys, whether they be Cessnas or Tellos.

I also find great joy in teaching the next generation things that I have learned over the years. It makes me feel younger seeing the excitement on a teens face on his first flight, but also teaching older folks as well. The look of accomplishment on their faces after a successful landing makes it worth it to me.

What does flying and owning your drone mean to you?
fascinated by being able to compose a shot in mid air hovering with thecamera, an imaginary zipline dolly that can hover and compose shots is amazing to me

some of the views captured from the sky before us people were unable to see, like looking out of the window of a plane, and having a pause button :)
I have a tech background and am a geek/nerd/techie at heart.

When I fly I'm marveling at the power of engineering I hold in my hands. I'm thinking of all the different aspects of technology and engineering that went into making this possible, and I'm holding it all in my hands, and I have TOTAL control. From the TINY little 4K camera and all the tech that has gone into making and improving that over the years, to the super-high-speed quiet motors that spin in perfect sync with each other to create the desired aerodynamics, to the Occusync technology that's streaming that Hi-Def video back to me real time, while I watch it and control it while holding a 4mm thin window in my hand (iPad). All the while being tracked and controlled and held in place by 12-20 SATELLITES, MILES up in the sky that were launched via rocket by NASA years ago. And all of this technology made so tiny as to be able to fit in something as big as my shoe. AND store 128 GB of 4K video on a tiny chip the size of my fingernail. AMAZING!!! It's smart enough to figure it's way home - RIGHT BACK TO ME if it gets lost or disconnected!

I OWN the combination/pinnacle of all these various types of technology in a TOY! It's just fascinating to think about, much less watch, much less CONTROL. Mind-blowing really.

If you were to try and describe the Mavic and it's capabilities to someone in the 1930's, they wouldn't have believed it or understood what you were talking about.

I'm also a control-freak, and I can make that bird dance in the sky exactly how I want to with tremendous precision. I love flying in Sport Mode and spinning, zooming, dropping, and streaking past my head - dancing is the best word I can think of to describe it. Just watching it accelerate from 0 to 40 in seconds is a rush.

Power & precise control over that much technology gets me giddy.

That's what I think about when flying.
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what a great topic ..

I would not know where to start with this .. I get a huge freedom sense when my quad is up .. Just love that eagles view and the swopping down and around to view places .. Looking at things I have seen for years and years and they instantly become new when viewed from the angle of the quad ... Technically astounding also whats achievable with this small craft. so sooooo happy I went the dji route when I picked up my quad I dont care what people say about there customer service etc or anything like that maybe because I havent had to use them but I do believe more then half the crashed quads are due to operator .. Anyhow I suppose to sum it up . FREEDOM ..
I am not the ’bravest’ of Pilots and don’t fly very long distances (too scared to lose it) but whenever I do fly the sense of freedom is beautiful.

Am I a techienerdygeek? You bet I am (and proud of it ) but when I fly that all goes away and my mind flies with my drone. It is a wonderful feeling

I'm a technology fan, and want to use and try, every invention and piece of technology I can.

But with drones, there is something more.
I always loved flight, since I was a child.
Never succeed been a pilot or something.

When I fly my drones, I am actually up there. It's not the drone flying, but a part of me.

For better feeling, I bought goggles too, but unfortunately they make me feel dizzy.
I am flying drones now because when I was a kid I wished that my mom one day will bring one to me but it never happened. She didn't have the money because of economic situation and RC planes at that time (1980's) were considered luxury toys, not like today that you can buy one for even less than $20 bucks. Drones pretty much changed the game and now we can enjoy RC aircrafts In a new way like never before.
Being an Air Force brat I have always loved any thing that flew. I just bought my dad a MP he's 76 and I get a lot of pleasure just watching him and listening to his stories. It brings me back to being a kid again.
Fly safe my friends.
Flying the drone, for me, is more like a culmination of various aspects of my life. I have a technical background (electrical engineer), I am a biker (Harleys), I am a very serious hobby photographer, and I have always wanted to fly a helicopter. I'm retired now so, you can see that the drone is just another step in my life. I never really grew up, and hope I never do!Thumbswayup
I enjoy flying. A lot of times I feel like I get some good video and photo. It just leads to disappointment after I'm flying because I didn't capture what I had pictured in my head. It is a rare chance to get out and fly so a lot of the disappointment stems from lack of practice and time I'm sure. Editing video for me seems to be a very long process and I am never fully satisfied with the end result.
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I have made alot of mistakes in life....

But receiving my mavic pro as a gift
Was not one of them.!
And when I fly MP the weight of my world is lifted and life get just that much easier ............for say about 27 minutes

The Explorer
As a kid sometimes I would sneak/climb onto the church roof
Now if I wanted I can fly over there.

I just heard there is a Waterfall in my burg
And Mavic is going to show me it sum it up in one word
Mavic is Amazing. !
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I agree the Pro can make a bad day a lot better even after only one flight .the things that have been around me all my life now I get to see from a birds view .
Amazing is a under statement
It has opened up my life to an awesome new world. Its like a dream, bc I DO NOT FLY IN ANY REAL AIRCRAFT AT ALL. Even dispatched medical helis for 3 yrs and was prob the only person in the company to not go up. They said well you gota go and see what its like in the bird, i said ill go right out that door to the house
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