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Mavic Pro firmware 01.04.0400 (Jul. 4, 2018)

Is it better to connect the MP to the computer and update the firmware through the website, or is it just as easy to do it through my iPad and the controller?

I have always updated via my iPad in the past...very fast and no issues. Although I haven't updated to this latest FW. I see no immediate reason to.
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The new firmware upgrade had thrown my Gimbal out of whack, now it always says "Gimbal Overload" check if Gimbal clamp has been removed,, so pissed right now
Everyone please take note:

"Once the firmware has been updated, it can not be downgraded to a previous version."

"Please not that firmware update may reset various Main controller setting such as RTH Altitude, and maximum flight distance to factory defaults."

I would recheck ALL my settings after the update.
i have updated the app and now my mav gives me a gimbal disconnected message that I’m unable to find a solution for Do you have any suggestions?
View attachment 41581 Updated today, no issues, went to 100%. No changes were made to previous settings. Flight was perfect, no issues, hovered in one spot and did not move, or very little. All went well, easiest update I have ever had.
I’m using an iPhone 7+ as my device and the latest version of DJIGo.
I am knocking on wood right now, don’t want the Karma Ferries to put the Jinx on me.

The latest FW update indicates that it will improve "propulsion system performance". Have you noticed anything significant with your MP's performance after the update?
Can you take a screen shot of the message "gimbal disconnected?" Ive never seen that message before.

Curious if this is something intended for the next gen Mavics, which some folks have speculated (from a photo) might have a removable gimbal/camera.
i have updated the app and now my mav gives me a gimbal disconnected message that I’m unable to find a solution for Do you have any suggestions?
If all else fails write down all of your settings, do a factory reset on the Mavic, uninstall and then reinstall the app, reapply your custom settings.

The update process on my Mavic Air went smoothly for me. Took it outside, recalibrated compass and took off. That's when the fun began. As I flew away from my drive, I got it about 12-15 feet high and it promptly announced maximum altitude reached and would go no higher. Out of caution, I tried to return home manually but it had dropped below the starting point and would not rise to clear obstacles. All of this was no more than 30 yards away from me, but the ground slopes drastically and I did not want to land there. About 30 seconds after the warning, it would finally gain altitude. So I got it up over obstacles for the return back to me and brought her in... or so I thought.

Just as I was ready to descend, it took off and would not respond to any input on the controller. It was flying backwards, at what appeared to be top speed, until it hit about 25 feet up in a neighbors tree. All I could do was watch as it tumbled limb to limb until coming to rest upside down in a thicket of trees. Couldn't see it but finally saw my feet on the screen as I walked by it. I was actually glad at that point that I had not reached an altitude higher than the trees or I may never have seen it again. With a full battery at that speed, it could have fallen out of the sky miles away.

I have had a flyaway with my Yuneec Thyphoon H, but never with a DJI product. Many hours spent flying my Mavics, a Phantom and an Inspire. I never felt like I lost control of any of them even for a moment until yesterday. The damage was light, fortunately. Broke one prop, though I changed them all out. A couple minor scratches and some mud cleaned up reasonably well.

I figured I may as well fly again immediately and see if it would work or do something odd again. Of course I kept it close to me and close to the ground, so another flyaway would be contained by nearby trees. No issues as I flew a whole battery.

I am simply writing this to advise you to be cautious after you update any version of software or firmware. I have no idea what happened to my Air. It could have been the update and it could have been something else. Though my first thought, being the first flight on the new firmware, is that the update had something to do with it. I'll be back out there today flying and testing.
Updated over the weekend.. Flew very erratic so did an IMU calibration and compass calibration. Flies better now, but not nearly as stable in hover as it used to be. With no wind, it will slowly adjust height and move left on it's own. Not a great amount, but it is easy to see in the camera.
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Thank you for the picture. Was the drone turned on?
Indeed sir, the mp was on and in fact there was a brief moment of camera working but then it went dark. The “gimbal disconnected”,then reappears in the status. The camera did the expected movements when the drone was first powered on. Everything seems to indicate the quad is ready to fly,yet the camera is dark,and the gimbal disconnected. Also the green light is flashing like normal on the quad. One thing I note,the fan is going full blast. Not sure if that is normal for just sitting on a hard flat surface or not.image.jpgimage.jpg
If all else fails write down all of your settings, do a factory reset on the Mavic, uninstall and then reinstall the app, reapply your custom settings.

Thank you for your input.i appreciate it immensely. I will try that if “all else” fails. However,it really bugs me that I can’t seem to find the fix ! I really want to know WHY my mp is not functioning’s quite frustrating. The unit has suffered no crashes or anything,so it seems to me that there has to be a darn reason for this and I intend to find out what it is...hopefully without sending it back to dji.
My update hung and restarted. Afterward my video was blurry and jittery then after restarting g I get an abnormal firmware text and gimble motor overload. The gimble looks fine under the tabs no crash. I'm stuck.
Updated with no issues. Went flying today for the first time with new firmware and latest DJIGo4 for iOS. When I powered my MPP up I got a strange message twice... something about multiple compasses or words to that effect... quit the DJI app, started again.. everything was fine... MPP hovered in place... took some panoramas, and landed manually... no issue... but to be cautious stayed close to my landing point. Looked at the log tonight and those errors are not in the log.. but my stopping the app and restarting might have been the problem no idea what happened, and wish I could have captured exactly the language of the error. Anyone gotten an error that sounds vaguely like what I saw... it had a yellow icon.. not red.

The video problems with the newest firmware, is it IOS AND android or just android.

I have wondered about rollback for a while, now is the time to ask.
DJI Go 4 - Can't be downgraded     .jpg
I read a lot of people saying to just roll it back, How? Will DUMLdore roll back and what are the dangers.
Well this new update is giving me problems. Galaxy s8 plus is lagging now. Also about 1500 feet and 400agl lost visual on cell. Hit the return home button and it return I crap my shorts.
I did the update on my galaxy s8 and the goggles and did a 2 mile flight 4 mile altogether round trip and everything was perfect using the 4.2.20 app Android
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