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dji care refresh

  1. eva2000

    DJI Warranty/Care Refresh and Master Airscrew Props?

    I have an almost 2 week old DJI Mini 2 with has 2yr DJI Care Refresh plan. In the noob excitement, I ordered some Master Airscrew Propellers for a quieter sound. But didn't really think how using MAS props will impact DJI Mini 2's manufacturer warranty and DJI Care Refresh? I guess if I do...
  2. P

    Mini 2 Crash, what to do now?

    Hi, Today I crashed my mini 2 whilst flying through a hollow tower. The gimbal has come off and the cable has broken, the camera itself looks okay. The back right arm is also broken. The main casing as has a crack and a chip. (See pictures) I do not have DJI cover. What do you think my best...
  3. Yaros

    I crashed my drone, have DJI Care Refresh, what now?

    Hello, unfortunately I crashed my mavic air 2 today into a light pole and the motor is destroyed. I do have DJI Care Refresh. What are the steps to get it replaced? What should I ship to them, only the drone or the propellers and battery too?
  4. jeremytoh

    Air 1 DJI Care Refresh For DJI FPV - Is it worth it?

    My wonderful fascination with DJI Drones have taken me from the humble Mavic Air to now the DJI FPV. All this while, ever since my first drone crash with the Mavic Air, I have considered the DJI Care Refresh program to be something worthwhile having. Two fast replacements no questions asked. But...
  5. cgmaxed

    DJI Care Refresh, The process of activating using a video, when it's been over 48 hours since your purchase.

    I bought my Air2s over 1 mnth ago from Best Buy, but didn't buy care refresh. I later used the video confirmation procedure to activate it. It's a lot easier than you may think. 1st they don't need a video of the AC flying around. They only use video from your RC app screen. You turn on video...
  6. F

    Start DJI Care Refresh claim?

    Why is it so difficult to figure out how to activate a DJI Care Refresh claim for a Mini 2? I've just spent 20 minutes looking through the DJI website, Googling, and reading forum messages. DJI shows that the DJI Care Refresh is active, but it doesn't appear to have any spot to actually start...
  7. G

    Question about buying a Mavic 2 blank for diy drone repair

    Hey all, was hoping to get some insight... I recently catastrophically crashed a Mavic 2 Pro that I bought Second-hand. This was not covered by DJI care refresh, so obviously all repairs will be out of pocket. As I understand, if I were to just send my aircraft in to be repaired, if it has had...
  8. ZenSamurai

    I've killed a drone!

    Hello drone friends! I've got a confession to make... I've killed a Mini 2 drone. First drone for me so I was expecting this to come, this is why I've got the Care Refresh Plan. All the crashes I had so far I've been from a height no more than 1 meter. I had the battery door broken 2 times...
  9. G

    DJI Care Refresh+: yes or no?

    I received my new mini 2 to. Only opened the box, did NOT power on anything, or install anything yet. I just read about DJI Care Refresh+. Not sure if I need that or not. This will be my first drone, so maybe it is wise. I could use some advise here, thanks. Pros, cons? Usefull?
  10. M

    DJI Refresh claim...problem

    Hi, Can someone help me? Iv recently purchased a Mavic mini with the DJI refresh package. I unfortunately crashed my drone last weekend and made a repair claim on Tuesday. Iv heard nothing from DJI since, I was given a case number to print out and that’s the last Iv heard of it since then. All I...
  11. H

    DJI Care Refresh

    Hi. I'm from Portugal and I'm a recent owner of mavic 2 pro, it arrived yesterday. I am thinking to purchase dji care refresh. Do you think it's worth it? As I purchased the drone from Amazon German website, from what I've been reading I think I have to purchase Dji Care refresh from...
  12. P

    DJI care advice

    Hi everyone, I was unfortunate enough to have an accident with my Mavic 2 Pro. Basically I lowered the drone to land and it got way too close to a building, and it eventually hit it as I went to grab it out of the air. The front vision sensor area is not flush anymore. The drone itself says...
  13. eaglewoodfilms

    Recovery of a crashed and drowned DJI Mavic 2 Pro

    Crashed and drowned my Mavic 2 Pro (due to unknown reasons, technical malfunction or bird strike) into a salty fjord in Norway on the Arctic Circle. Here's the story of its chilly recovery mission. Many thanks to the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue and to everyone involved! Get DJI Care Refresh...
  14. J

    I crashed my Mavic Air after 1 hour

    Hey guys, I'm new to drones and new to this forum. Today I had a bad day due to making a bad decision. With only 1 hour and 30 minutes flight time with my brand new Mavic Air, I tried to get an under a bridge shot. Plenty of clearance and water was flowing slowly, no risk of splashing...
  15. TrayBoz

    Does DJI Care Refresh transfer if I sell my Mavic Pro?

    Like thousands of others, I'm considering whether to just BUY the Mavic II Pro, and keep my Mavic Pro, or whether or not I should sell my Mavic Pro at some point - will I ever really fly it much after getting the Pro 2 ? Just 1 month ago, I re-upped my DJI Care Refresh for 1 more year on the...
  16. L

    So I'm sending my MA back for a refresh...

    I have had my MA since February, but that last firmware made it start losing connection, random yaw movements, random fly away, blah blah blah. I have been advised by support to send it back in and get a new one under the DJI Care deal. My question is, how many people , have gotten one since...
  17. baddog

    DJI refused my coupon

    I lost my drone in the Outer Banks in N.C. back in late April. I lost connection, screen froze and I lost sight of drone behind sand dune. Last known location was 50 yards off shore. I could not retrieve. So I could not use my DJI Care Refresh. DJI had me upload flight logs and they...
  18. D

    DJI care refresh - salt water

    I have has several people give me conflicting information, can someone from DJI give a definitive answer on this. Does the DJI care refresh cover a Mavic Air if it gets water damaged in salt water i.e. the sea. I have been told it doesn’t by a supplier who said their own insurance is better...
  19. C

    Truth about DJI Care Refresh

    I wonder if everyone knows that DJI will replace your drone with a refurbished one? After I received the worst after-sales service from DJI, I was browsing the drone forums and I found this. 大疆!大疆!大疆!你们这样对待用户? (The original post was in chinese dji forum) The guy sent his drone for repair and...
  20. S

    Will Dji care refresh cover me in canada?

    So I bought my dji care refresh in the US (thats where I live) I am going to Canada in about a month Vancouver, whistler, victoria. I am wondering if I crash or something bad happens will dji care refresh cover me there? Or how would it work?