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dji smart controller

  1. jaysmithtechtv

    SOLD SOLD SOLD DJI Mavic 2 Zoom with DJI Smart Controller, and DJI Racing Goggles plus tons more!!!

    I am selling a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone along with a DJI Smart Controller and a pair of DJI Black Racing Goggles. Asking $3,000 OBO, or if you'd like, I could do $2,000 for everything but the Smart Controller. Everything is in PRISTINE NEW condition and has been barely used. I also have multiple...
  2. F

    DJI Smart Controller question

    Hi, I use a DJI Smart Controller and Mavic 2 Pro. Very often, I am alone on my trips. I would like to ski down from a mountain (not too steep) with my drone in Active Track, following me while skiing down the hill. Then I need to put my DJI Smart Controller in my rucksack while skiing down. I...
  3. Paci Fista

    Wake me up when it's OK to upgrade my Smart Controller !

    I have followed the forum threads on the SC firmware upgrade (6th and 11th January 2020), and refrained from upgrading till it's safe. This is standard procedure in large software installations: you wait till the Seattle firm has worked out the bugs, which is usually by the time they release the...
  4. GDadd

    DJI Go 4 App Crashing on SC: SOLVED

    In the event anyone has a similar issue, I am posting the symptoms and resolution to a nagging problem I've had with the SC for months. The problem I had was a combination of Go 4 app crashes and excessive app freezes during flights, the latter being much more prominent and really annoying...
  5. G

    Video Editor on Smart Controller not showing Files?

    Hi Folks. I used the video editor on the smart controller for the first time yesterday. I successfully made a movie and posted it. The following day I **** some more footage but now when I go back into the editor it doesn’t show any photos or videos available at all. If I just use the smart...
  6. B

    Is anyone else having Smart Controller map orientation issues?

    I purchased a DJI Smart Controller with my Mavic 2 Pro and love it's brightness and convenience. However, I'm very disappointed with its inaccurate orientation of the map. When I callibrate the SC compass its orientation is frequently up to 20 to 25 degrees out. Then when I rotate the SC, it's...
  7. W

    Smart Controller Quirks

    Hope anyone can help. I have been flying drones for few years. bought Mavic 2 Pro when it came out. Setting up drone & ipad took to long when in hurry to get a shot. I bought the M2Zoom with the Smart Controller. Have used the Smart with both drones. But I shot this video & as it started out...
  8. W

    Smart Controller Way Points

    I fly M2Pro & Zoom snd I have 37 missions that I fly every week for business. I bought the Smart Controller for the speed to get flying. ( Saves a lot of time ). Problem is any way to get all my missions to the new Smart Controller?? I use a iPad Pro & std. controller now. And any new...
  9. N

    Smart Controller Hung at startup screen.

    Hi Guys, We have the Mavic Pro 2 combo with the Smart controller bundle. We have been using it for over a month with no issues. However yesterday, whilst on a job with a customer we had an issue. We were in a restricted flight zone, no issues as we had already gained approval and clearances...
  10. V

    DJI Smart Controller with Headplay Goggles!

    Been doing a little test-project to see if this really would work - and I have to admit it does! Found my old - not used for about 2 years - Headplay Goggles, charged the battery and connected it to the DJI Smart Controller - and VOILA! It works really well, and don't see the absolute need for...
  11. Toryn

    First experience with the DJI Smart Controller in Sint Maarten

    Hey all! Here’s my first experience with the new smart controller in the caribbean, including a pretty crazy cruise ship chase. Enjoy! -Toryn Click HERE
  12. G

    Anyone Find a m4-0.7 screw with a DRing Head for mounting lanyard on the Smart Controller

    I have seen several solutions on amazon for attaching lanyards to the smart controller, but all of them use a giant fixed ring or post to attach the lanyard to. For most storage solutions these would have to be removed because of their size. Ideally the solution would be a screw with a d-ring...
  13. Aerial-Pixel

    Mapping With The Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Smart Controller?

    OK Guys, I think we are running into some of the same issues on the Smart Controller as we had with the CrystalSky. Has anyone found any viable mapping apps for the Smart Controller? With some initial tests I did verify that DroneDeploy doesn't work, even if the Android Version supported the M2P...
  14. Rusty in Bend

    Smart Controller is AWESOME ... (What fun!)

    Got the FedEx this morning ... charged it, activated it, updated it ... and was flying this afternoon. I've seen good and bad reviews on YouTube, but in my mind, this gadget is worth every dime I paid for it. The screen is amazing, the form-factor is super comfortable to hold, and I ran it...
  15. W

    DJI Smart Controller & Fatshark goggles & Mavic 2 Pro?

    Will DJI Smart Controller with the HDMI out work with Fatshark goggles & Mavic 2 Pro?