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  1. J

    DJI software bug surrounding authorised boundaries caused me to lose my drone to the sea

    I'm going to save myself time and link to the reddit thread. I'm hoping some of you can help me out by reading the log and telling me if I have an argument here for a replacement. For ease, the log can be found here: I also...
  2. Chris P. Chicken

    something very ugly happenend with my drone!!! gimbal calibration lost. proppelors rotating to fast, max power load reached

    hey guys maybe you have a solution to this watch the vid and give a solution plz...
  3. eaglewoodfilms

    Recovery of a crashed and drowned DJI Mavic 2 Pro

    Crashed and drowned my Mavic 2 Pro (due to unknown reasons, technical malfunction or bird strike) into a salty fjord in Norway on the Arctic Circle. Here's the story of its chilly recovery mission. Many thanks to the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue and to everyone involved! Get DJI Care Refresh...
  4. I

    How NOT to fly a drone. Newspapers' ADs Drone Blunder

    The Sun Newspapers' guide on how NOT to Fly a DRONE. An accidental production. How NOT to fly your New #DJI Mavic2Pro #Drone courtesy of the SUN Newspaper. And what's happening with the #Gatwick Drone?
  5. WhatTheWhat

    IMU Calibration Fail, Error 71 & 1, Compass & Gimbal weird - in Iceland

    SUMMARY: >1 yr old Mavic pro starts the day fine. Short flight - rain starts mid-flight, gives obstacle-error (from rain?) Mavic lands fine, is wet, gets carefully dried off. Mavic has gimbal error, then compass error, then IMU error. I update firmware. Same Error 71. IMU won't calibrate (fails...
  6. D

    Drone Hater in Vancouver

    This guy managed to capture some drone hater, on video... worth checking out as it was handled very well! What do you think about this drone hater? have you run into people like him?
  7. G

    DJI: Faulty battery? We’ll sell you another — full price

    Gotta love those Communists. One of my five Mavic Pro batteries had terminal cell failure yesterday. It’s been used fewer than 15 times. I requested a replacement after reading advice to a similarly-affected pilot on this forum. DJI’s response: “No worries, we will provide you with the best...
  8. D

    Gimbal Drift AND Panorama Failures (Android/Google Pixel 2)

    Hey fam, looking for some help. I have done the IMU, Compass, and Gimbal calibrations in different orders a multitude of times indoors and out and I still have massive gimbal horizon drift. It's off by 5+ deg to either side throughout flight. Horizon tilts when I have any yaw input, or it just...
  9. D

    What is wrong with this image???

    sup guys, I’m new here. Just saw this one ebay... lol
  10. S

    Suggestions for Moverio engineers? Magnetic port for attaching wire. No hardwired tether, fail point

    Okay so i've been a fan of head mounted displays for about 15 years now. One thing ive noticed with similar goggles is the tethering wire. I've had a few models of Vuzix goggles, Headplay, some brands that dont exist anymore. Their main crutch or fail point was their main tethering wire. I would...
  11. S

    Firmware update killed the Mavic

    Hi guys I tried to update to the new firmware, and a long the way it must have failed. I now have a Mavic that i can't connect or get in touch with at all. The Mavic powers on, but the fans doesn't start which makes it extremely hot. The RC doens't register it all all and just blinks...
  12. BenCathro

    My mavic crashed into the Ocean. I filmed the attempted rescue.

    I'm still not sure exactly what happened. It was bloody emotional as I'm really attached to the little guy. At least I managed to make a sweet video of the experience. Always look on the bright side. Will update if I get any info from the logs that shine a light on the cause of crash (I'm...
  13. K

    Problem slow videos

    Hi i have a problem when i´m importing the videos from micro sd to my laptop, every video looks like a slow motion video, they are too slow and i want them in normal speed, they looks fine in my cellphone as cache videos, what can i do to solve this problem. Sorry for my english, im from mexico
  14. rfarmedilla

    BLURRED & Frustrated

    hi guys, i'm sure you get this topic a lot. i've been reading and researching from user posts about this issue (and tried everything) but the problem is still there. chatted with dji earlier and they said to send it in. but my worry is (based on previous posts i read, replacements are the same...
  15. Member

    Return to home, tree in the way

    At least I'm assuming it was RTH triggered and obstacle avoidance kicked it, sure looks that way.
  16. Member

    Master of crashes

  17. J

    Iphone 5s fail to connect to Mavic Pro

    Hi guys, I've recently got my hands on mavic pro. With lots of hope and expectations I went and charge up my batteries and RC hoping I could give it a test flight ASAP. To my disappointment (and lots of frustration) I could not get my iphone5s to connect my mavic pro via DJI GO 4 I've tried...
  18. Member

    Try my Mavic, buddy!

    So I have given over control to others in the past, after the drone was high enough and far from obstacles. But this can also happen: Feel free to skip the first 50 seconds.
  19. Member

    Mavic with GoPro mount

    Starts off shaky and violent, second run seems to work. 'Work' as in not crash the Mavic ;)
  20. Member

    Suicide by Mavic

    The take home point: When you fly into yourself, 1) Enable OA 2) Disable sports mode.