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  1. jboyd23

    Iceland in 4k - Looking for some CC

    Hey guys, I have posted in the phantom page before but first time here on mavic. I just posted a highlight reel from Iceland on a recent trip. Let me know what you guys think! Used Mavic 2 for this video.
  2. foxagntmulder

    Hello from Iceland driving the ring road

    Hello from Iceland!!! What an amazing country!!! We've been here for 7 days and the family are having an epic Iceland trip. Its our first here and we are so amaze with the landscape of the country. There are several waterfalls and parks that you can't fly your drone but you can fly anywhere...
  3. M

    ICELAND WITH Mavic 2 zoom & Mavic Air

    Hi, check my youtube video of iceland shot with zoom and air!
  4. szh

    Tips for locations in Iceland, south-east coast

    I am looking for tips for nice locations to film with a drone along the southeast coast of Iceland, as well as on the "golden circle". I looked up the regulations, and they seem very permissive. However, it seems that many of the most popular spots ban drones. It's not clear exactly which ones...
  5. TrashPandaFPV

    ICELAND | My first video with the Mavic 2 Pro

    Hello, I'm a new user of the Mavic 2. I recently went to Iceland, unfortunately the weather was not great and I couldn't fly a lot due to the strong wind. Hope you enjoy it !
  6. eaglewoodfilms

    Highlands of Iceland | Mavic 2 Pro

    Iceland is still a very special land featuring truly otherworldly landscapes and one can still find places that are not run over by hordes of tourists, given you have time, proper outdoor equipment, a good 4x4 and the spirit for adventure. This time we explored a small part of Icelandic...
  7. WhatTheWhat

    IMU Calibration Fail, Error 71 & 1, Compass & Gimbal weird - in Iceland

    SUMMARY: >1 yr old Mavic pro starts the day fine. Short flight - rain starts mid-flight, gives obstacle-error (from rain?) Mavic lands fine, is wet, gets carefully dried off. Mavic has gimbal error, then compass error, then IMU error. I update firmware. Same Error 71. IMU won't calibrate (fails...
  8. M

    Anyone going to be in Iceland 29th & 30th June?

    are there any photographers / videographers our there who are going to be in Iceland on the 29th / 30th June? Keen to head out to the abandoned plant and a few other spots but travel partner isn’t keen to come with me!
  9. P

    Reasonable Iceland drone rules

    i thought this to be a practical approach to drone rules. Much more practical than the US rules. Recognizes the low level most hobbits drones fly doesn’t conflict with aircraft. The distance from buildings seems a bit overkill to me. With regards to “Public Buildings” it depends on definition...
  10. TheIndianEmirati

    Amazing Iceland Mavic Footage

    A short drone video capturing the immense breathtaking beauty of Amazing Iceland
  11. S


    I'm in Iceland right now and thought I'd share with you my first proper Mavic Pro video, hope you enjoy
  12. J

    Traveling to Iceland

    First Post! Going to Iceland in about 2 weeks and am planning to take my Mavic Pro with me (First trip out of the UK with it) I have seen online, a lot of general tourists complaining about Drones at the main tourist destinations and wondered if anyone has had any issue with others...
  13. K

    Lava landscape - Iceland

  14. Lava ponds

    Lava ponds

    Ponds in the lava in Reykjanes west of Hafnarfjordur in Iceland
  15. Helgafell - Iceland

    Helgafell - Iceland

    View from the mountain Helgafell south of Hafnarfjördur in Iceland
  16. M

    Iceland Trip Waterfall Video

    Shot with my Mavic Pro, which rocked on this trip: Airvūz - Iceland Waterfall Compilation
  17. AirVūz

    Iceland Waterfall Compilation

    This is an aerial compilation of footage from three waterfalls in Iceland - Skogafoss, Gelfoss, and Godafoss. Check out the rest of Airvuzpilot's Iceland footage (and his other aerial content) here. Thanks!
  18. nickelphoto

    Goðafoss (waterfall of the gods), Iceland at sunset

    Godafoss, Iceland by nickelphoto posted Jul 19, 2017 at 1:34 PM
  19. scris74

    My first Mavic video... in Iceland!

    Awesome country, we went to Iceland at the beginning of march and i've made some flight with Mavic... received just 3 days before the trip. Surreal place...
  20. Pedro

    Mavic Pro in Iceland.

    My 26 year old son and myself spent 5 days in Iceland last week and obviously we took the Mavic along (well two actually). We both fell in love with the place, the scenery is simply stunning, every bend holds yet another vista that shouts out for a photo. The people are friendly, the roads are...