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  1. Dronemark

    GS Pro no longer supported?

    Hi folks, I opened GS Pro the other day for a mapping flight with my Mavic 2 Pro, and I got a popup box that said something to the effect that DJI will no longer push updates to support GS Pro at some point in the near future. I should have read it more carefully, but I was on a deadline so I...
  2. A


    Hello everyone, I have Mavic Pro fly more combo now for more than a year. It is most of the time in my drawer, but when the weather is nice or I am shooting something commercially I really enjoy my flying. I am thinking about my investment and how it stays in my drawer most of the time, however...
  3. H

    Mavic Air Fly-away

    Hello! So my Mavic Air flew away today. I started off with 76% battery, recorded RTH point with gps signal and all, and when I reached 30m altitude it freaked out. It went full speed ahead away from me. activating RTH function had no effect at all and it didnt respond to the controller. (...
  4. I

    10 mistakes made by Mavic Pro Pilots..from DJI Support

    Came across the 10 most common mistakes made by DJI Mavic Pro pilots..from DJI support. Couldn't find anything about oversights from the other side of the fence. There is a few in there that could be cleared up with better instructions at launch I think.
  5. heo3480

    DJI Customer Service

    Not sure if this is allowed in there, but make sure tuning into this Livestream 2PM CST on Wednesday on DJI Customer Service and Support - With me is @SeanOzz that had as much trouble as you can get with his @DJI Drones 'Let's talk DJI Customer Service - YouTube This is not to bash DJI, but...
  6. A

    CAS-1417383-P3Y2J8 -- help please!--

    Hi all, about 5 days ago i sent my DJI Mavic Pro back to the Burwood VICTORIA branch of the Australian DJI Technology Ltd via post, and i havent heard anything via email or even a notification to let me know that it has reached its destination or what is going on with my's going in...
  7. jumper17

    Serial Number ends with an "R"

    Hi, I just open my (new as advertised) Mavic and the S.N. has an "R" at the end, not "-R" one, and I contacted support. The first one told me it was a refurbished one, told me to contact dealer (B&H) for replacement, 5 minutes later he told me was wrong, made a mistake and my unit was not a...
  8. H

    Since I bought my mavic, always crash... so sad

    Dear Mavic Pilots, Since I bought my mavic pro one month ago, I couldn´t fly it, because each try, it takes off, and then drifts to the right, and crashes against the floor. Its been now about 6 times I tried it, and still happens the same. When the Drone arrived from amazon, I made all the set...
  9. N

    Arrogance of DJI support

    I sent an email to all of the posted email addresses on the DJI website asking about a solution or upgrade to the iframe flicker issue with my Mavic Pro. I clearly stated I had upgraded to the latest firmware and IMU calibrate the unit every time I fly. They responded with: Thank you for...
  10. D

    Mavic Aircraft Core Board Overheated, DJI Want to Replace Rotors Arms

    I opened a case with DJI Support because my Mavic cooling fan stopped working and I began receiving a warning of "aircraft core board overheated". I just received the assesment and repair invoice for replacing a gimbal mounting bracket, both rear motor arms, a couple of shell components and a...
  11. H

    DJI responds back it's my fault?

    Im from Sydney, Australia. I sent an email to DJI support 4months ago about my drone that had a battery leak couple minutes after takeoff. The voice on my remote was saying battery 60℅ then 50℅ And so on. Had to return home but was unable to do so. Battery was at 1minute remaining, GPS lost. TXT...
  12. I

    DJI Mavic Pro Had to go Back

    Arrgg, Mavic had to go back with image and battery issue. Great service from DJI support though.
  13. G


    I live in Australia in Townsville and was one of the first to prepay on the release of the mavic.And one of the first to get it... As they said in the original release "FIRST IN , FIRST SERVE" anyway mine was faulty.... Long story short, I contacted DJI Support and a lady there named "UNA SONG"...
  14. P

    DJI Exchange/Support Experience

    Hi Mavic Folks, I'm one of the lucky people who ordered early, and I received my Mavic November 7th, but there was an error on every flight. I contacted support immediately (afternoon of the 7th), and they had me send it in for exchange. When I asked how long it would be, they said 1-2 weeks...