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  1. J

    Mavic Pro vs Inspire 1 X3

    Decided to take both drones to a college near where I live and check out the difference in video quality. I used footage from both in the video below, see if you can tell the difference!
  2. H

    Perfect V-Day Gift

    My husband is looking for a starter drone and I’m gonna get him Hover Camera for a Valentine’s Day surprise [ Good thing I waited to order because I just saw that they are shipping the device for free from Feb 6-14 plus adding a festive chocolate for the holiday. Think I’m...
  3. W

    OK, What's the deal with ND Filters? (Or "Has the world gone crazy?")

    New Mavic owner here but long-time amateur photographer. I have to say that I'm really puzzled about the current craze about using ND (neutral density) filters with drones like the Mavic. OK, so the Mavic's camera has a relatively fast f/2.2 lens with a fixed aperture. Possible over-exposure...
  4. K

    Small Black Dot on video playback & pics

    I have a small black dot that appears when I record video and take pictures. It is in the same place every shot. I have cleaned the lens thoroughly and still have the same outcome. I do not believe it is dust under the lens either. Seems like a dead pixel or the equivalent. Perhaps a...
  5. Thestig

    Dji Mavic with FLIR thermal cam

    Hi. Thanks for membership. Here is a little video I made on my youtube channel. Testing out the Mavic with FLIR technology.
  6. kydroneman

    Makerbot Mavic camera sun shield

    I had ordered a 3D printed sun shield for my Mavic from Thingiverse. Don't know if anyone on this forum has purchased such but I got mine today and immediately upon installing it just like the one that comes with the Mavic, the **** thing shattered. All I was doing was clipping it on. See...
  7. N

    Swap alternative lenses on Mavic?

    Hi there! I just ordered a Mavic for landscape photography (it's about the same size as a telephoto lens!), but I'm wondering if there are any after-market alternative lenses available like the Peau lenses that can be swapped onto a gopro. GoPro Camera Lenses – Peau Productions My goal is to...
  8. C

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Roll

    So when I have my gimbal roll at 0.0 my camera is completely sideways. I have adjust the gimbal roll to 4.8 for it to be level but it used to be at 3.8. I feel it keep tilting farther and farther even after gimbal calibration. After I go to 0.0 and calibrate it's straight right after it finishes...
  9. jamiemink

    Camera Sensor Error

    So, after a long wait my Mavic Pro ordered thru Best Buy arrived today. I picked it up lickety split, and got it flight ready including the firmware update. I was disappointed to learn that the unit reported a "camera sensor error, contact manufacturer" fault. No video feed what so ever...
  10. bwall525

    Factory Parts?

    Does anyone know of place to get replacement parts (specifically the gimbal / camera unit) for the Mavic Pro?
  11. christangey

    G'Day from outback Australia

    I'm Chris and I'm a Cinematographer, Photographer and Location Scout based in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.I am also signed by Getty Images to supply them with 4K stock footage. I had the original Phantom a few years back, crashed it a few times, had some fun but when I started to...
  12. Michel DELFELD

    Camera signal lost in urban conditions

    During my first trials I flew the Mavic within my garden in an urban environnement. Started the Mavic without GPS connection, the video signal was perfect. On take-off, the image return is OK. But when going up, the receiver loses the video signal. The antennas were well oriented. Should I...
  13. mattyd58

    Inconsistent Video Quality

    Hi. Anyone experiencing inconsistent video quality with the Mavic?. I'm still testing. I record several videos in the exact, same area back to back, same time of day. Exact same settings (no filters or styles applied), same format, same conditions, same flight path. When played back on computer...
  14. H


    Hey guys, I took her out for her first flight this morning. I seem to be getting these bars when I fly forward fast and I'm not sure what it is. All my settings are Auto because I want to get used to the drone before I go into Dlog and color correct myself. The bars look like it's a camera...
  15. C

    FlyLitchi: Camera Out of Focus

    Hi all, The Mavic Pro is my first DJI drone so I'm quite new to all of this. It's been pretty great so far. So here is my problem: camera is out of focus on FlyLitchi waypoint missions. I have been flying some FlyLitchi waypoint missions. The first few missions were great, image quality was...
  16. mikeygomikey

    Wavy Lines in Video when Point near Sun (NOT JELLY)

    Just took my Mavic out for it's first flight. Everything looks good but when I review the footage later I see wavy lines on the screen when the camera is pointed at or near the direction of the sun. It looks almost like a screen refresh issue, like when you record from the window of a prop-place...
  17. mattmjm

    Video goes blurry and out of focus during recording on its own

    The video is never in focus on initial take off while recording. I always have to initiate the Center Auto Focus command in order to get it in focus first. I do this quickly via the C1 button - I have it mapped to that command. However, the major issue is this: during all of my flights, the...
  18. Tom Piotrowski

    Mavic Still Photos Soft on Left Side

    Has anyone noticed softness of Mavic's still photos on the left side of the frame. I had a Mavic for a week now and despite accurate selection of focus point on each occasion, I am noticing blurry stripe at parts of the frame. Sample photo taken from 120m (400ft) height is attached.
  19. Basicbill

    Mavic Focus Example

    An example of the necessity of focusing the camera once airborne. From my dewy, morning flight just as the wind started to pick up. It appears to me, without knowing for sure, that as the Mavic camera initializes it center focuses. In this case on the wet blades of grass.
  20. Butterpuff 6

    Camera Focus Functions - Manual Focus & Continuous Auto

    Just saw the following info on camera focus on the Mavic FAQs on DJI's website. It seemed to answer or hint at an answer to a couple of questions I still was unsure of. It seems there will be a manual focus option with a focus slider and it looks like the Mavic can continuously autofocus on a...