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  1. V

    Frontal Leds affecting the video - A2s (Solved: video compression problem)

    I saw this weird flicker in the shadows in this footage and I think the frontal leds are reflecting off the propelers (they're dark, but kinda reflective too). You can see it better from the waveform. Has anyone found a way to avoid this? Is there a "night shooting mode" somewhere in the...
  2. Eagle Eye 62

    Air2s Accessories

    I have 5 Like new Air2/Air2S batteries for sale. They have all been used only a couple of times. I also have 2 Controllers, Chargers and some extra props. (yes, I lost two birds). Let me know if you are interested.
  3. D

    Replace all props?

    At the weekend, my M2P backed into a tree whilst tracking, which in itself was inexplicable. I see that one of the blades is cracked. Is it wise to replace all at once, or just the damaged one? Thanks folks! PS any recommendations for other than standard props as replacements?
  4. P

    DJI mini 2 Propeller screw stuck

    Last night I was flying my new DJI mini 2. Soon before I planned to land, my app crashed as it started automatically updating to the new update (for the air 2S). I immediately landed it but one propeller slightly caught a rock on the way down. There was only slight damage but ofcourse decided...
  5. N

    Propeller too fast. Did not happen again after restart.

    Hello, I have a very new Mavic Mini. I tried to fly for a few minutes today in no wind conditions and I did not even go high. Below 5m. Upon launch, the aircraft swayed a bit but stabilized but immediately a propeller spinning too fast error throws up. I land the aircraft and the left rear motor...
  6. A

    Need help with propeller damage opinion

    So i just got my Mavic Mini today and crashed it againt the ceiling fan! SMH! Should I continue using these propellers? Looks minor scratches to me but I’m not sure. thanks!
  7. A

    Before i fly

    Hello everybody ? I recently bought a mavic mini after learning how to use a drone on my tello ( which is the funniest drone ever ?) Before i fly it tomorrow, i updated it, recharged all the batteries , but i noticed something weird in one of the props, it seems damaged even though the drone is...
  8. Red_Pyro

    Mavic Mini propellers hitting during flight

    Hi everyone, I recently got a Mavic Mini, and long story short on my second flight I wanted to try it indoors (Yes I was very dumb) and result it hit a chair. Fortunately I had the propeller guards and just replaced 2 lightly damaged propellers and thought it was a wrap. However, since then...
  9. D

    Mavic Mini Propeller Sleeves

    Hello Pilots! I just wanted to share my simple_basic_5minutes design for "sleeves" for the propellers on Mavic mini... Intro: From the moment of having the Mavic Mini Combo I didn't liked the way how propellers are moving everywhere when removing and especially when putting back the drone in...
  10. J

    Propeller Stuck Down M2P

    Hi Everyone, After a few flights without removing the propellers when packing away, I've noticed when carrying out some basic maintenance, one of the propellers is stuck fixed into place, almost as if it's been pushed down. I haven't crashed the it or had any collisions, the only moment I can...
  11. B

    Drone crashed - video and log

    So, I go to do a test. I wanted to see about how fast I could rise vertically and move horizontally with different sets of props. I was only into the initial test two minutes with the regular 2 blade props when the drone starts going crazy. I was not far from home and I was able to turn around...
  12. S

    DJI Mavic Pro STEALTH Propellers - Master Airscrew Upgrade Premium Pack x4

    I'm looking for more information on the performance on those blades. There is no much information beside few reviews on youtube and couple of people here at Mavic Pilots. I'm new to the Mavic Pro but have a ton of experience with drones - Phantom and 3D robotics as well as many custom rigs. On...
  13. M

    Mavic 2 Propellers on Mavic Pro

    The Mavic Pro platinum uses 8.3X3.1 propellers the Mavic 2 uses 8.7X4.3 props The Mavic Pro uses a 3S battery Compared to 4S used by the Mavic 2 With that in mind has anyone tried the Mavic 2 props on the Mavic Pro? The bigger props will probably use more current but also spin slower since...
  14. M

    Nothing really!!!

    Thanks in advance!
  15. W

    Glowing propeller for DJI mavic air...Anyone seen any?

    These fancy LED props, which no doubt serious drone enthusiasts look down their noses at, look like a shedload of fun for about tens minutes. ;) Post some video of them in action when you get them. I'd be interested to see them.
  16. C

    LED Propellers for Mavic - Buy or Pass?

    LED Propeller for Mavic Pro Saw these 40% OFF on this site. What do you guys think? Should I get these or not? They look really cool. I appreciate the help.
  17. M

    Do the Mavic Air propellers make you mad? Swap Tested

    I find the Mavic air props to be a nuisance. Every time you fold it up, they seem to be exactly in the way and getting bent. I found an interesting solution from it's little brother... We were at the MeetUp group (flying Drones for Fun) meet at Treasure Island last Saturday and I had some...
  18. D

    Propeller Scratch - Okay To Fly?

    Is it okay to fly Mavic Air with a few scratches on one of the propellers?
  19. mfc

    Bigger propellers?

    I've been musing about the noise issues with drones and noting that several people have commented that the Mavis Air is 'more annoying' that the Mavic Pro. It seems the Mavic Air is spinning its props about twice as fast as the P3P (and perhaps faster than the Mavic Pro, too -- I haven't been...
  20. G

    DJI Care Refresh Problems - Advice Sought

    I am looking for advice. I sent my Mavic Pro in for its first Refresh a couple of weeks ago. The damage included 2 broken Platinum (low noise) propellers that were purchased at the advice of sales in the DJI Flagship store in Hong Kong. DJI has refused to replace the blades, citing an...