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Mavic Mini Randomly Flies Away

...I typically power on my drone and set it down somewhere clear of ... magnetic interference
And it's this that can be the big risk for a newbie ...

-If you don't know that steel rebars inside reinforced concrete creates magnetic interference
-If you don't know that a rock boulder can contain ferrous material
-If you think it's risk free to place the craft on a wooden deck during power on (& don't think about that nail close to the craft)

You might then on height be in for a big surprise ...

The best is to always keep the craft as far away as possible from everything during the powering on sequence ... & then check the result on the app map.
To put it very simple ... it's a situation when your craft have been tricked to believe (due to magnetic interference during power on) that it's pointing in a direction it doesn't in reality. The consequence will later be that the craft will apply thrust with the wrong motors to counter a outside force (wind for instance) affecting the craft in order to hold position. This creates an forever growing positional error which always are countered by the wrong motors ... leading to that the craft flies away in an uncontrollable way.

You avoid this by keeping the craft away from magnetic disturbance during power on ... doing what I describe in post #10 will firstly minimize the risk for having the craft near something magnetic during power on, and make you check the result after the IMUYaw initialization in the app map before getting airborne.

If we are strictly speaking of "taking off" ... and not powering on the craft, so yes, your Apple watch can not affect your craft anymore as the craft already have got correct info about the direction it points.

At most your watch magnetic field can affect the Hall sensors in the closest RC stick ... inducing "ghost" stick inputs. But this phenomenon is quite rare.

Yeah ... but as said, nobody cares & the flight path & topography where you flew can be crucial info in order to understand what happened.

-If your craft didn't return after a RTH command ... could it have flown into a higher object than the set RTH height.
-Your craft blew away ... can we help you find it.
-Your craft suddenly auto landed ... was it in a NFZ.

It's up to you what you share, but without sharing all facts all you will get is worthless speculation
Ok thanks, I was just asking about the location just in case something happens while I fly at my house. This incident happened a while ago so I do not have the logs but If it happens again I will definitely post the logs.
I use a 3 step method ...

1) Always turn my MA1 on in my hand, then immediately stretch my arm with the drone straight out in front of me ... & wait until the live view comes up in the app, I then know that the IMU have been initialized.

2) After that I place the MA1 where ever I want without any fear of creating a yaw error, & wait for it to acquire satellites & record a HP.

3) Then before take off make a last check so the drone symbol on the app map is pointing in the same direction relative map objects as it does in reality ... after that all is good to go.
What drone symbol? I have a Mavic Mini so things may be different.
What drone symbol? I have a Mavic Mini so things may be different.
When in live-view in the bottom left corner of your screen there is a map or an attitude indicator (you can switch between these by tapping the lower right corner of the pop-up. It can also be minimised to just an icon. Tapping on the middle of the map should expand it to fullscreen and there should be a blue arrow/kite that represents your drone. Check the direction this is pointing on the map and make sure it agrees with the actual direction your drone is pointing. You could hold the drone and point it at a nearby landmark (road, lake, building etc) and the blue arrow on the map should spin round in real-time to point at the same object on the map.
I am concerned about my privacy. If I post the flight logs, won't they be able to see my precise location?
So you've lost interest in learning what happened in your incident?
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