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  1. E

    Polar Pro ND PL Filter

    I know a lot has been asked about filters and I understand how they generally work but have one question for polarised filters. I have bought an Nd4/PL and just wonder if the polariser effect works in all lights and not just low light? Can I just lower the exposure and get the same affects in...
  2. 1471

    PolarPro variable ND filters

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using the PolarPro variable ND filters on other drones? I've been using a full set of Tapco ND's on my P3A for years which have been fine, just a faff to change (weather can be pretty changeable in the UK). I've got a MA2 on order and noticed that...
  3. Trees138

    4 filters for the Mavic 2 Pro

    Alright, I have filter sets from 3 different manufacturers and the OEM clear. I am not doing a detailed performance test as I'm still waiting on the newest revision of one ND16. I'd prefer to compare as Apples to Apples as possible. I also need to reach out to SkyReat and see if they want me...
  4. O

    PolarPro Filters in UK

    I'm trying to order some of their Cinematographers Collection | Cinema Series | Mavic 2 filters as they should be shipping on the 22 Sep. I live in the UK and the shipping is $45 (Unless I want to wait up to 4 weeks! in which case there will be no chance of any sun un the UK) USPS Standard...
  5. I

    DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum Gradient ND Filters...Awesome

    Oh where have you been all my flying life! The new Gradient ND filters for the DJI Mavic Pro/platinum help you to have a balanced exposure shot over bright sky and shadow. Worth a look, defo good toll for the drone bag.
  6. I

    New Gradient ND filters from PolarPro..amazing

    Just tried out the new gradient ND filters from PolarPro.. No can get a a soft stop spread to balance out exposure in camera... amazing.
  7. heo3480

    Mavic ND Filters | Why & How

    Do you need an ND filter for your new Drone? This tutorial will get you started why and when you need them and further includes an EASY way to pick the right ND filter I have used Mavic Air, but the principle is the same for all DJI Drones /Henrik
  8. A

    Mavic Air - Filters for Photography (not videography)

    Hi All Sorry if this question has already been answered. I have recently purchased 2 drones primarily for photography purposes (not videography) .... Phantom 4 Advantage and Mavic Air. I'm new to photography and have read quite a few posts in regards to the use of filters for cinematic...
  9. I

    Tried out the PolarPro Mavic Air Landing Gear...

    Tried out the PolarPro landing gear. TBH, never been a fan of adding kit to change the dynamics of a UAV... but have to say these are pretty useful.
  10. Z

    ND Filters and Still Photos

    Apologies if this has been covered before, I had no luck in the search function...... My question is simple, do ND filters help at all with still photos, or are they mainly useful for video only? I have a set of PolarPros that I use when taking stills, I'm just not really sure if they...
  11. L

    Best, affordable ND filters?

    Hey fellow pilots, PGYTECH, Original DJI, POLARPRO SUNNYLIFE, Y&C and many more... anyone has the best advice on which brand ND filter is the best and most affordable? i’ve heard good stuff about the polar pro, but i’m considering PGYTECH or Sunnylife cause it’s a 6 pc set and at my area...
  12. HALdrone_1

    Polarpro Filters

    recently had a problem with the current version of my polarpro filters I bought thru B&H so I contacted Polarpro directly.... glad to say that their customer service was top notch and they were able to help me out next day and swap my filters super easy! now thats a company I don't mind coming...
  13. topdetop

    Islay in Scotland from the Sky - Mavic/D-log/Polarpro LUT

    Hi guys, I would welcome your comments on this video I shot after a few flights with my new birds in Scotland. Shot in D-log, 4K, post on Adobe Premiere Pro with PolarPro Aurora LUT and a few tweaks. or Thanks all Marc
  14. mysticgnarwhal

    PolarPro Aurora Cinematic Presets - LUT Comparison

    I haven't seen many videos out there comparing the Aurora LUTs offered by PolarPro. I decided to purchase them and I did a comparison of all 12 presets. I used the same clips for all the different LUTs for comparison. I also used a PolarPro ND/8-PL filter for these samples. What does...
  15. D

    ALOHA FROM MAUI (Hawaii)

    Hey guys! First time drone pilot. I kicked my Sneaker buying addiction for a few months to save up for my drone. I've had my Mavic for a little over two weeks now and I've got to say the fly more combo was a steep price to pay but worth every penny. Please check out my Instagram video of a...
  16. E

    Polar Pro Cinema Filters: Vivid vs. Shutter?

    Hello All, I'm a new member of the forum and a new drone owner but not new to drones or cameras in general. I'm looking into purchasing one of the Polar Pro Cinema series filter sets for my Mavic Pro, either the Vivid or the Shutter collection, in order to smooth out my footage. However...
  17. DronePilotOne

    The PolarPro Katana Mavic Tray turns your DJI Mavic Pro into a handheld stabilizer

    This is interesting: The PolarPro Katana Mavic Tray turns your DJI Mavic Pro into a handheld stabilizer The PolarPro Katana Mavic Tray will be officially launched at the NAB trade show later this week and carry an anticipated MSRP of $49.99. More information is available on the PolarPro website.
  18. F

    Norway: Firmware .500 Dlog and polarpro cinema 8ND

    From a trip with the family in a small town called Bud in Norway. Had to try out the new firmware .500. The phone battery seem to drain much less now with the new firmware. But on the down side. The live feed has become horrible. The picture is lagging a lot, not smooth at all with all kinds...
  19. J

    Mavic Compendium # 2 South Central Florida

    I've had the Mavic for 3 weeks now, and the weather has been pretty darn good in S. Central Florida. Most days I'm looking at 80 degrees for the high, and winds of 5 to 10 MPH. That has given me a chance to get quite a bit of practice in, and I have made some flights over Lake Okeechobee, the...
  20. S

    New Polarpro Case for Mavic

    I just came across this case for the mavic on Bestbuy's website. PolarPro - Case for DJI Mavic Drone - Black It looks solid but there is no option to purchase online or pickup in store. I checked Polarpro's website as well and couldn't find it there.