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Recent content by RPSMavicPlatinum

  1. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Mavic Calibration Requirements

    Out of the box before the first flight it is HIGHLY! recommended to do the IMU calibration at least once. Even if there are no indications showing on the app. Many people who don't do this end up having issues later on specifically complaints about abnormal flying and unstable hovering all...
  2. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Anyone knows when DJI will start selling the REFURBISHED marvic pro platinum?

    The more people keep buying the MPP and end up crashing it or having issues with it then that just adds more stock for the refurbished units and now that they have started to really ship out the units I expect them to start selling refurb units early next year cheaper to just buy a mavic pro by...
  3. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Pre-Order & Shipping Thread

    Jeez! What a difference now DJI barely shipped only a selected few FMC orders in all of October but have already fulfilled every order within the first week of November!! Gotta admit I love flying this thing!! Actually like the colour of this bird compared to the normal Mavic Pro it has...
  4. RPSMavicPlatinum

    What flight times are you guys/girls getting?

    I got 4 batteries with my MPP and even though it has been quiet windy here I am still getting about 22-24 mins if I am just filming nice and smooth with 15% battery life remaining with each battery. But once you hit sport mode and go for longer distances then I only get about 20 mins with about...
  5. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Pre-Order & Shipping Thread

    I just received my Platinum fly more combo from DHL Express at 6pm last night. I had ordered from DJI directly on Sept 10th and they kept originally telling us to expect shipping Oct 23rd but eventually got here last night November 3rd.. So that should give people any idea of how long the...
  6. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Why did you opt for the Platinum Fly More Combo?

    Well here in Canada the Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo is going to retail at stores like BestBuy for $1899+taxes that brings the total to $2150 Canadian. Those who live in the province of Ontario like myself have the luxury of paying 13% sales tax on electronic purchases. When ordering off...
  7. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Pre-Order & Shipping Thread

    Same here got the email yesterday with the tracking number for the FMC and apparently mine is being shipped through DHL and will arrive Nov 3rd by the end of the day!!
  8. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Pre-Order & Shipping Thread

    Well apparently now instead of having a separate box for the Mavic handbag they just place all the combo items like the battery charging hub, props and batteries inside the bag itself and ship the fly more combo in one box. Maybe they had a shortage of those Mavic handbags and now its taking...
  9. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Pre-Order & Shipping Thread

    Yeah definitely faster to order just the drone since people have been getting those two weeks after ordering. My Fly More Combo was ordered early in September and I just received the updated to Shipped status today!
  10. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Pre-Order & Shipping Thread

    Finally almost 2 months later!!! Ordered the fly more combo on Sept 10th and today My Order status has changed to Shipped!! However I have not yet received an email notification just the change under the DJI My Orders tab. Guess I was correct about the first and second batches shipping at the...
  11. RPSMavicPlatinum

    New to Drones

    There are plenty of videos now on youtube that go through the DJI Go 4 app in extreme detail and explain every setting available. They highlight all the features and explain how to setup before flight and how to make adjustments via the app during flight. I would highly recommend to check out...
  12. RPSMavicPlatinum

    What size MicroSD card to use for MPP?

    I've always used the 64GB Sandisk Extreme and 64GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC Cards with up to 90 mb/s write speed and 312 mb/s read speed. Anything above 32GB is considered extra capacity nowadays. This was in my old Phantom 3 Pro. They recommend to use a UHS Class 3 card for recording 4K videos as it...
  13. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Pre-Order & Shipping Thread

    Well then in that case I was correct about them shipping just the drones on October 23rd..Looks like the The Fly more combo orders I assume are going to take much longer now but aint that some ******** what kind of "priority" is that for people who ordered in September
  14. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Pre-Order & Shipping Thread

    After reading some old threads from November 2016 when people were waiting for the original Mavic Pro I think DJI is doing the exact same stuff again seems like the people who ordered the fly more combo ended up waiting much longer than those who purchased just the drone. Possibly another 4-5...
  15. RPSMavicPlatinum

    Pre-Order & Shipping Thread

    Well unfortunately that was what DJI led me to believe and a lot of local Drone Shops as well indicated the same thing. We all heard it since October 2nd that the reps gave us that date. The date came and well DJI struck again. I guess it was a gimmick to just give us false hope but my mistake...