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ipad mini 4

  1. RGS2010

    Smart Controller problems continue

    I was flying with Smart Controller doing a couple of roof inspections after Hurricane Nicholas and was screen recording while flying just around the house and the lag was so bad I had to stop the screen recording. Was significantly better without screen recording but still had noticeable lag...
  2. Cornelis van Pieterson

    Not possible to downgrade DJi Fly App ( Ipad)

    Hello, I want to download the DJI fly 1.1.10, because the latest version 1.2.5, has still the RC problem with the mini You can download the DJI Fly 1.1.10, at the DJO website but you can't install it at a iPad ( ios 14.4 ) you get the message "This app cannot be installed because its integrity...
  3. D

    mobile device cpu fully loaded (Mavic Air 2)

    person, i'm having problems with my ipad mini 4, after installing DJI Fly, the message "mobile device cpu fully loaded ..." always appears, i almost lost my drone after this message appeared. The drone has a huge Delay in the image. does anyone here know how to solve this problem, or have you...
  4. D

    How to switch off HD transmission

    Is there a way to switch off HD transmission in the app? I'm getting constant (and unexpected) transmission lag with my recently purchased iPad Mini 4. I've searched through the threads yet all I see is an option of Custom or Auto, and Standard for those - I don't see any way to switch off HD...
  5. D

    Used iPad Mini 4 and some flying issues

    I recently bought a used iPad Mini 4 128gb and been having some issues flying my M2Pro; I’ve been using the iPad USB charging cable to connect to my RC. The first time flying with the iPad I needed to calibrate the compass; ok, not so unusual. Then my sticks needed calibration - hmmm. Once I...
  6. D

    iPad Mini 4 charging and USB cable

    Hi. Does anyone know if the charging cable for the iPad Mini 4 can be used as the USB cable connected to the remote controller? I'm having some issues and can't tell yet whether it's this charging cable I'm using or the iPad. I have the M2Pro. Thx.
  7. mfishhead

    Mini 4

    Hello from Michigan. So if I buy an iPad Mini 4 Wifi only to fly my Pro 2 what are the downfalls besides having to do updates only when connected to Wifi? Best Buy has the 128GB for $250 right now - seems pretty tough to pass up. Thanks in advance - Mike.
  8. S

    ipad mini 4 with cellular but no cellular service

    I have read the discussions that say having a larger screen is great. I have a Note 8 and it works fine although it disconnects every once in a while.. I think because of the wire. But I want a larger screen. People seem to love the ipad mini 4 and I am considering a refurbished one to save...
  9. Ace79

    CrystalSky 5.5 or iPad Mini 4?

    I really need a dedicated monitor because my S7 Edge just sucks anymore. Reluctantly, I think I am going to spend more for a tablet than I want to because I need to be able to count on it. I'm truly stuck between the CS 5.5 and an iPad mini 4. There are pros and cons to each so I am looking for...
  10. M

    Editing Mavic Air 4k Footage on Ipad Mini 4

    So I just managed to use the ipad mini 4 to edit 4k footage from Mavic Air and it works. I used LumaFusion and imported the clips from Google Drive and edited away. I added transitions, titles, color adjustment, and music to test it out. Both of the Mavic Air footage are 3840x2160 @ 23.976fps...
  11. V

    iPad Mount for Air Controller

    Can anyone recommend a good iPad mount for the new Mavic Air controller? The current Mavmount that fits the Pro and Spark controllers does not fit the Air controller because of the new joystick storage area. Looking to use an iPad Mini with it. I don’t like the idea of squeezing the iPad between...
  12. Lincolnshire Poacher

    Help with tablet please

    I purchased my Mavic Pro Fly More at the end of November, due to work and poor weather I have only managed a couple of one hour sessions. I used my Samsung S7 Edge in the Mavics controller and this seemed to work well. I am connecting with DJIGo4 I’m now looking to buy a tablet for use with...
  13. R

    IPAD mini 4 -or- Nvidia Shield K1

    Looking for best outdoor display for mavic - which is preferable. I know tablets, but not either of these models. please advise. tnx!
  14. T

    ipad clarification

    i want to buy a ipad mini 4 for use with the Mavic. Which is better the cellular or just the wifi and why. i have read loads of threads but still dont quite understand. has one version not got a GPS chip built in. I will be mostly using it in the wilds of nowhere, where there is no 4g or 3g...
  15. S

    Buy iPad Min 4 or Keep 7 Plus

    I have a iPhone 7 Plus and I am generally satisfied with it for flying the MP. It's not perfect but it's ok. These days the iPad mini 4 is regularly on sale and I'd buy one if it would be better flying experience. I know the 7 Plus screen is brighter, but maybe the size and anti-glare of the...
  16. marklyn

    iPad mini 4 for MAVIC question

    I'm strongly considering using a small tablet instead of my phone on the controller and have always been an android fan *but* I went to the local Fry's and held an iPad mini 4, and even put it in the controller arms and it fit so darn nicely that I think I'm going to try to find one used. Since...
  17. Gaz Mc

    Spec Me...ipad mini 4 screen protector

    any recommendations for a screen protector for my ipad mini 4 ive got one just a cheap one but the glare is hideous even with a pgytech screen on all i can see is my chubby mush pref availble in the uk plz
  18. BadAssDK

    iPad mini 4 and the new Firmware V01.03.0800

    As most of you I too did the .0800 firmware upgrade yesterday. I'm using a iPad mini 4 as monitor and after the update, I noticed that a lot of my settings has been reset to default values, among was the max height and the RTH height. I use to have the RTH set it to 50m but it was now only...
  19. G

    Ipad Min 4 Wifi non-cellular GPS?

    I bought a new Ipad Mini 4 WIFI 128GB. I ran the Antutu performance test and was pleasantly surprised. It listed both GPS chips! I wondered if this was somehow wrong, so I took the Ipad Mini 4 Wifi with me in the car. Using a cached Google Maps, it accurately showed my position. Interesting. I...
  20. L


    Hello. Just bought a DJI Mavic Pro and have a screen Q. Rang customer tech support and they weren’t very helpful. I only have an iPhone 5 so not compatible :( I am trying to figure out the best value way to get a good screen for the controller. I want FULL functionality of the drone - like...