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  1. Slantnose79

    Litchi: where is the flight plan stored?

    Greetings fellow pilots! I'm still relatively new to DJI and the Mavic. Have logged a little over 9.5hrs of minimal drama flights in the past 5-weeks. Still have all the original gear [props, etc] and am ready to start planning some flights on a Litchi or Autopilot platform. My question is...
  2. Skyler King III

    Litchi / Mavic controller issues

    I sent my mavic on a Litchi saved mission planned for 11 minutes. I had set 20 mph for speed. For some reason it was going 5 mph. It was unresponsive to my manual speed input. I tried lowering to 300' from 400' to get out of some winds aloft. It refused to descend. Then lost radio (I kew...
  3. 1

    Litchi VR mode - question

    Hi, I could not find the answer so far, so I would like to ask those with experience in flying their drone with Litchi app. Namely: are you able to switch to VR mode while still continuing your active mission (waypoints), or using follow/orbit/track task ? Or switching to VR would break the...
  4. R

    Litchi gimbal control is going nuts

    I have been flying test loops with Litchi in Waypoint under different scenarios. I'm getting flights where i have a POI and only a handful of waypoints, constant height, and the gimbal swoops up to the sky and down to the ground and then back like its searching for something. Doesn't do it in Go...
  5. B

    Login to Litchi

    I am new to Litchi. I registered and created a mission on Mission Hub and saved it. I then download the app to my iPhone. I open the app but cannot find a way to login to sync the missions from Mission Hub. Any ideas on what I am missing? Thanks.
  6. kydroneman

    Mavic controller and DJI GO 4 app

    Waiting for my Mavic Pro and trying to learn as much as I can while waiting. was wondering can you do the same things as far as function on the controller as you can the app? I use android and I know you can watch visual on the phone as well as other functions? Also wanted some input on the...
  7. RCSchim

    RCSchim's indepth review (not the usual stuff :)

    These are my thoughts on the Mavic Pro after around 1 month of flying. So many features - sorry couldnt get it much shorter. Check the video Index (clickable in videos Infobox) to jump directly to interesting parts!
  8. Member

    8 Questions for Mavic owners

    Here are some questions from someone who doesn't own a Mavic yet but likely will in the next few days. Manual: check [multiple times] Youtube: check [reviews, unboxings, stress tests, missions, crashes and compilations] Apologies if any of this is answered clearly in the manual or in a video...
  9. C

    How to fly Mavic Pro BACKWARDS using Waypoints in LITCHI?

    Hello drone people: I have a need to video record myself snowboarding down a mountain. Basically, I went into Google Earth and created a Waypoint Path with associated waypoints I saved to http://flylitchi.com/hub which I later imported in the Litchi App. on my Android (Note 7). Everything...